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Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter hits us head on!

Well it warmed up enough around here for the snow machine to kick into high gear. We were lucky and missed out on the blizzards that hit west of us and up the east coast of the U.S. last month. I knew our turn was coming but hoped it wouldn't be too bad. The snow started Wednesday night and didn't quit until sometime Thursday night. All told we had about 6" of new snow. Yuck!!

Wednesday night we went out to eat with our Goldwing group to Uncle Smileys here in Crawfordsville. Afterwards we headed to Wal Mart and picked up some groceries and I fueled up the Dakota since it's the only thing we own that's 4 wheel drive.

Thursday morning I started out towards Indy to look at a vehicle. I only had about 35 miles to travel and it took me 1 1/2 hours. The roads were slick and the snow was falling hard. I decided to do this one and head back home. It's just too dangerous to be out driving around and I was really not too busy anyway. I made it back home about 1pm and just worked at the dining room table the rest of the day. Rudee cooked us up some supper and we kept the door shut and the furnace cranked up the rest of the night. Our son Matthew called and told us that his GF Mandie had an accident in our Chevy Impala. She lost control in the snow and ice and hit a guardrail. The car is drivable but it tore the front bumper and headlight off. He took it in for an estimate and we called the claim into our insurance company. The good news is that Mandie was not hurt and we are thankful for that.

This morning it was still snowing but they promised it would stop before mid-day. The main roads still had plenty of slick spots and the side roads were covered in snow. The temperatures are not supposed to be above freezing for at least a week so it looks like the snow will be around for awhile.

We got our electric meter read for the past months usage and it was a lot! This was the first full month of really cold weather we have had and knew it was going to be high. We used over 1530kw @ .10 per kw for a total of $153.00. This is twice as much as our summer time usage, Yikes! We are also going through the propane. Our 100# tank ran out last night. I had switched to it on the 27th so it only lasted 12 days this time. Our utilities may be a little high but we don't skimp when it comes to being warm and comfortable. We set the thermometer on 72 and use 2 electric heaters in the coach and an additional one in the basement (set on low) to help keep the pipes warm. So far we have been comfortable and have no regrets selling the house and moving into the Montana.

No big plans this week end, maybe we'll sleep in some and have a "lazy" week end. I'll keep you posted.

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