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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

still cold!!

Looks like we are going to stay in the deep freeze for the rest of the week at least. Sunday morning Rudee was first in the shower since we planned on leaving early to go visit my Mom at the hospital. The hot water heater in our 5th wheel works on both electric and/or LP gas. We usually leave the electric element turned on and it works really well since I take my shower before I go to work and Rudee takes hers later in the day. This way the water has plenty of time to heat up between uses. On the week ends we often take our showers one right after the other and if your last you may run out of hot water before you run out of area to rinse, if you get my drift :-). If we think of it, we switch on the LP gas so the water heater will heat up faster for the next person. Well Rudee switched it on and took her shower. I got ready to take mine and no hot water :-(. I checked and the water heater burner would not ignite. What now?? I got dressed and went outside and opened the access door. There was a little ice around the bottom and some on the burner tube so I thought maybe ice could be the problem. I got Rudee's hair dryer and plugged it in to the campground post.What little ice there was melted pretty quickly so I tried turning it on again. Voila, it lit. :-). I'm glad it was easy.

We did make it to the hospital and my Mom was feeling a lot better and was back to her normal self. She is suffering from Alzheimer's and is confused most of time. I know it's only going to get worse and am not looking forward to those days ahead of us.

We made it back to Crawfordsville to help out on the float for awhile. We have it pretty much finished and will do the finishing touches next Sunday and get it loaded up for the trip to Indy the following Sunday.

Niles and Deb Robinson were on the road heading home from Florida this past week end. They made it home yesterday afternoon. Rudee cooked up a roast with carrots and potatoes that we took to their house. We had a nice dinner and they filled us in on their vacation. Sure wish we were back in Florida (or anywhere warmer) right now.

No big plans this week, just doing the usual 9-5 but you never know what could pop up. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Warmer in FL?? Well, I guess, but it is NOT warm here in Gulf Shores, lows tonight 17 to 23, we are running water on fresh water pump and hose is disconnected. Those that did not disconnect, well, FROZE!!!

    I guess it is all relative, but, 17 feels cold even to this ole Michigan gal.