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Monday, January 18, 2010

Wii do. Do you?

Sunday morning we were pretty lazy and hung around the 5er most of the day. I made us a late breakfast of French Toast and we settled in and watched TV. After a couple of older movies we were both bored out of our skulls and figured we had better get our butts moving. We decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings and watch some football on their big screens. We had an early dinner and caught the first half of the Jets/Chargers game. We were routing for the Jets and they had a terrible half and it wasn't looking good for them so we left at halftime only to find out later they made a nice come back and ended up winning the game.

Rudee has been talking about getting a Wii and it sounded like just the thing to get us up and moving. We decided to head over to Wal Mart here in Crawfordsville to start the great Wii search of 2010!! What an ordeal it turned out to be. Crawfordsville had just sold their last one about an hour before we got there so they checked the computer and said that the Lebanon store had 5 in stock. No problem, off to Lebanon we go! 30 miles and 40 minutes later we walk into the electronics department in Lebanon. Guess what? No Wii's!! But the computer said you had 5 of them. "Well" , said the nice lad with hockey pucks in his ear lobes, "those computers are never updated. You should have called." Gee, thanks! We had the service desk call the Brownsburg Wal Mart and they had 1 on the shelf and 3 "in the back" whatever that means, so off we go to Brownsburg. 20 miles and 30 minutes later we bought our Wii, Hooray!

Now we got this thing to play the games and get a little exercise. Man they work, we exercised more walking through 3 different Wal Marts to buy the thing than we have in a month! :-)

We made it back to the 5er and got it all hooked up and we played a few games of bowling, tennis and baseball. Rudee wants to get the Wii Fit stuff but the platform something or other you need is all on back order. Well crap here we go again. :-)

The games are pretty fun and it beats sitting on your duff doing nothing so I think we will like it. The console is small and works well with the RV lifestyle.

Rudee's company gives them the day off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. She had scheduled a dentist appointment and check ups for today so she doesn't have to use a vacation day later in the year. She left the 5er shortly after I did this morning so she could make the drive to Thorntown. I had to go to Indianapolis. I had driven about 15 miles when Rudee called and told me she had been in a wreck. She was fine and had slid off the road into the side ditch. While she was talking to me another car slid off in the same place. Rudee had called the police and was waiting on them. I turned around and headed towards her but never made it. She called and said there was no damage to the truck and she didn't hit anything so she went ahead and pulled out of the ditch and went on. She did call the police back to let them know and they said they were backed up with other accidents as well. I met her in Thorntown and the only thing wrong with the truck was a bunch of mud scooped into the skid plate. Rudee was fine and that was the main thing.

Matthew (our son) and his girlfriend Mandie are coming over from Columbus Ohio and spending the night. Matthew has an interview for a job here tomorrow. The job would be better money and security plus it's nearby. Hopefully he will do well. I'll keep you posted.

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