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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The last several Sundays we have been getting together with our Goldwing Chapter and building a float for an upcoming rally. Each year the state puts on 2 rallies one in the spring when the weather is more conducive for motorcycle riding and one during the winter months. This years "Winter Rendezvous" will be Jan 22 and 23rd in Indianapolis. The theme for the rally is "Island Paradise" and the activities are loosely centered around the theme.
Rudee and I are taking Friday off so we wont miss anything. This is our 19th straight year to attend! They have seminars on a variety of topics as well as games and vendors. The talent show is Friday evening and they have a banquet Saturday evening followed by the parade. We always have a great time and look forward to it every year.

Here are some photos of the float taking shape and of the finished product that were taken by our good friend Penny Kadinger since I kept forgetting to take my camera.

There is a projector hidden under the float that will project a video of the ocean surf onto the "screen" by use of a hidden mirror behind the sign you see next to the "tiki bar". You really can't see all the lights that are on the float in the photo but the rainbow is outlined as well as the tiki bar. At one end of the rainbow is a pot of gold and there is a Goldwing at the other. Pretty cool for a bunch of middle aged bikers huh!!

Rudee's Uncle Jerry and his wife Diane are fulltimers currently living and working near Denver. He emailed us saying it was getting close to 50* there and promises the warmer air is heading our way. Whoo Hoo, that should help my heating bill some. I'll keep you posted.

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