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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

days off

We had Sunday and Monday off and tried to take advantage of them. For some reason I was up really early Sunday morning, like 4am early! The wind was blowing the trees around the 5th wheel and I guess this woke me up and I couldn't go back to sleep. Maybe I was a little gun shy with all the reports of the tornadoes hitting parts of the midwest. We were lucky just had some gusty winds here, no storms or rain.
Our daughter Amanda was having a birthday party for our middle grand daughter Avalynn Sunday afternoon. The drive takes us about an hour and a half and we arrived shortly before noon. We had a nice afternoon spending time with them and it was time to head back before we knew it.

Monday morning I slept in. I guess I was making up for my early rise the day before. I didn't roll out of bed until almost 10am.
We both wanted to do something and decided that a movie would be fun. I got on the internet and found the Terre Haute movie listings and they had movies starting at 12:30 for $5.00 per person. We decided to see Hunger Games since we had heard some good things about it.
The movie theater is tucked behind the shopping mall  and has 12 screens. We bought our tickets, some popcorn to share and headed in. The theater was not busy at all (kind of expected that for a Monday at noon) and we had our choice of seats, in fact there was only one other couple in the theater with us. I think I found another plus for this lifestyle :-).
The movie was good and we will probably go and see the next one since this was the first in a series.
Afterwards we drove to Shakamac State Park which is about 20 miles south of Terre Haute. I used to camp here with my parents when I was a little boy but that was so long ago nothing was recognizable. We checked out the campground and found a bunch of sites that we could fit into. The sites all have a fire ring, picnic table and 30 amp electric. There is an occasional water bib for fill ups and a nice dump station at the exit.
We parked the truck and went into the woods to do a little mushroom hunting. Things were still pretty damp from Saturdays rain so we had to be careful where we walked. The only thing we found was one stem from a moral that was pretty dried up, the head of the mushroom was long gone. Maybe we are too late for the mushrooms this year? We'll keep trying though and maybe have some better luck next time.

We are working for the next 5 days with a mix of evenings and day shifts, Rudee traded shifts with one of the other gals for this Saturday so she will be working evenings while I am working days. Guess I'll be cooking a late supper for us both! I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Nice that you got to attend your granddaughter's BD party. Those occasions are so important. I haven't seen the movie but I read all three Hunger Games books and thoroughly enjoyed them. Some say to read the book first as it gives better insight into the characters than the movie does. Glad you enjoyed it.