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Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm getting ..... board :-)

We worked 3pm until 8pm yesterday, Rudee was in the office and I relieved James as the "outside Guy". Here is where Rudee spends her work days

The rain I woke up to continued off and on all day with some heavy down pours but luckily no wind or strong storms. James had been sanding and staining some of the picnic table boards we had already cut to length so I just picked up where he left off. The boards have some labels stenciled on them that the boss wants sanded off prior to staining. Here is a couple of photos of the "rainy day" work station inside the garage. When the weather is nicer we will move the operation outside where space is not so limited.
Boards being sanded and then stained.

The stacks of lumber are all waiting to be cut and stained. This is going to be a big job!
Another area where the boards are drying prior to being assembled into tables.

The finished product with the frames for future tables in the background!

I was able to build 3 tables as well as sand and stain enough wood for an additional 3 tables before the end of my shift. Not too bad seeing how I had to stop several times in order to do my normal duties.

We are going to be working some odd hours the next 2 weeks. The boss' have a funeral in Ohio next Saturday to attend and then the following week they are going to a meeting for KOA owners and will be gone most of the week. I will be cooking breakfast every day they are gone and Rudee will be working a mixture of days and evenings. We still have days off together but will not be working the same hours on some of the days. There is a new set of work campers arriving in the middle of all this and they asked me to help train the male half until the boss returns so I will not only open and run the cafe every morning but also will be training and helping him out in the evenings. Once all this settles down we should get into more of a routine schedule with all the other workers, just in time for business to pick up for the summer. I'll keep you posted.


  1. I hope this job you get paid for every hour you work plus you camp site??

  2. Hey, the fact that you are training someone else shows what a great job you guys are doing! Well done!