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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Work, work , work :-)

Being work campers at a campground is a new experience for us and we are doing our best to learn our jobs. Rudee's duties in the front office are pretty well defined but my days on the outside are a lot more varied. Take yesterday for example, I reported for work at 3pm and jumped into the "routine" as far as I know it. I fed the donkeys, did a quick trip around the campground picking up trash and filled a propane bottle. Around 4pm the boss man decided today would be a good day to insulate the new garage/workshop. Myself, Chip (another work camper) and the boss man all started the hot and itchy task. I got called away several times to escort campers to their sites and fill propane but we were finally able to finish up around 7pm. We even hung a couple of sheets of drywall and I am anticipating to be hanging a few more today.
The new building has an office area which will eventually be tiled as well as the floor in the restaurant so once this gig is done I should have some pretty good experience remodeling :-).
Our days have ended late the last couple of nights, seems like 8pm is a popular time for people to stop for the night and she has had "late" arrivals both Friday and Saturday.
Chip and Velma arrived for work in the middle of the week. They are veteran KOA work campers and even spent a season here a few years ago. We will be leaning on them a lot this season and enjoy them sharing their experiences with us.

There are two more couples due to arrive between now and May 1st to begin working this season and we were told our schedule will probably change once the full compliment of work campers arrive.

I'll have to apologize for no photos but we have both been concentrating on learning our duties and doing a good job that I keep forgetting to take the camera along.
I did have time to blow up the microwave Friday evening though. Rudee had put some potatoes into the microwave and my job was to stop at the 5th wheel and turn it on at 7pm so they would be ready to eat when we got off work. Well I did what I thought was required of me, I set the timer to 60 minutes,  hit the start button and dash back out to work. The problem was Rudee had told me to set the oven on 350 and then set the timer which meant use the convection part of the oven and NOT the microwave. Needless to say an hour of aluminum foil wrapped potatoes inside a microwave does not do it any good! :-o
I took the thing apart Saturday morning and replaced the 20 amp fuse inside. That seemed to fix it and we were pretty happy since Rudee loves her convection oven. All the power was on and the convection part worked great ..... then we tried the microwave button. As soon as we turned it on the fuse blew again so I think it's a goner and we will be shopping for a new one :-(. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Sorry to have a laugh at your expense, but the microwave story is pretty funny. Sounds like something my hubby would do. Hope you are able to find a nice replacement.

  2. Donna,
    Hope you mean a new oven and not advice to Rudee to be looking for a new man. LOL!

  3. Yikes. Good thing it didn't do any harm to the 5th wheel :) I'm finding a learning curve with that micro/convection oven.

  4. All I can say is, "we all do dumb things." On the bright side it gives us something to laugh about later. :)

  5. I need help with my micro/convection oven. We bought our RV used and there is no manual on using it.

    I can work the microwave just fine, but the convection oven is a mystery. Rudee...can you help?