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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Today (Sunday) is our Friday for this week. We are still are a "swing" type schedule but that will settle down next week when we start working every Tuesday through Saturday.
This past week we have worked 2 evenings and are getting ready to start our 2nd middle shift. We go in at 10am and are done at 3pm when working middles. Evening shifts are pretty routine with greeting and parking campers, delivering firewood, feeding the donkeys and doing whatever small projects the boss wants done.
Middle shifts so far this week have been nothing but mowing. We have had some rain and the grass is really in need of cutting so I spent my entire shift yesterday mowing and will probably do more of the same today. The campground has a zero turn mower with a wide deck so it goes pretty quick. The problems I had yesterday was the soft areas where the mower would get stuck with the rear tires just spinning. There was a couple of areas I didn't finish mowing because they were too wet, beside that my back was starting to hurt trying to push the mower out everytime it started spinning. :-)
I think the mower does worse then the Freightliner on wet grass and mud! :-)

After getting off work at 3pm yesterday I took a quick shower and we hopped on the bike. We had plans to meet Rob and Jany at a nice steak house in Covington Indiana. The Beef House is well known in this area for having great steaks as well as a menu of other tempting goodies.
Rob and Jany were camping at Charlarose Campground just east of the restaurant. The temperature was a nice 65 degrees when we left the KOA to make the 45 mile ride, it sure felt good to have the wind in our faces again!
Rob and Jany were waiting for us at the restaurant and we were surprised to see some of our other Goldwing friends Bill, Jane, Grumpy and Kay. We had a great meal and sat and talked for quite a while afterwards, not leaving until after 8pm!
On the way out of the restaurant I heard my name being called and there sat the owner of Charlarose Campground who, a long time ago, lived in Boone County and was a reserve Deputy with me on the Sheriff's Department. They were sitting with another former resident and former firefighter. We caught up a little with them and promised to come and camp with them when we get the chance.
Our ride home was a little cooler and some clouds had moved in. We even ran into some sprinkles but made it back home dry and tired!
Today is Easter Sunday and we are going to visit our grandchildren as soon as we get off work. Amanda has a meal planned followed by an Easter Egg hunt for the kids which has become a family tradition. She plans on a whole house full of family members and we are looking forward to seeing all the nieces and nephews as well as our own little rug rats! I'll keep you posted.


  1. We use a zero-turn mower here for the grounds work and love it. In fact, I'm mowing our "front yard" later today. :)

  2. How nice to meet up with old friends!

  3. I have relatives in Covington and have eaten at The Beef House several times. Yummy food!

  4. I have relatives in Covington and have eaten at The Beef House several times. Yummy food!