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Friday, April 20, 2012

variety or not

Our work week is over half done and has gone quickly. Rudee's duties are pretty routine in the office. She logs into the computer system and counts here cash drawer. Once that is completed she is ready for customers. The office also includes a small store that is well stocked with RV supplies, food and even a few souvenir items. She spends some of her day restocking and cleaning the shelves as well as keeping things tidy. All of her hours are traded for our rent, utilities, including propane, and free use of the laundry while all of my hours are paid.
My days are a lot more varied. I usually don't know what I will be doing until I was busy putting together picnic tables. Business was a little slower than normal and I was able to get several completed but we still have a lot more to do. Wednesday the boss and Chip (another work camper) grouted the tile floor in the new building. They had laid the tile down on Monday in the office area of the building and the boss was anxious to get it finished. They had finished the grout but the excess material left on the tile had to be scrubbed off. The boss and I worked on this most of my shift, it wasn't difficult but I spent the better part of 4 hours on my knees. OUCH! Luckily he had knee pads for us or I would probably not be walking straight right now :-).
Thursday is mowing day and I spent my entire 5 hour shift mowing grass. I still have a few areas to mow and all the trimming to do so it looks like Friday will be the day to finish up.
Saturday morning (and all next week) I will be cooking in the cafe. You can tell I have a little more variety in my days than Rudee but we are both enjoying this new experience.

Thursday was such a nice day and since we were off work at 3pm we made plans to get the bike out. Our son called before we left and he was off work today and we made plans to meet him and our future daughter in law in Rockville for dinner. The temperature was perfect for a bike ride and we really enjoyed ourselves, plus we got the chance to catch up on all the wedding plans. They are getting married in October in her hometown in Pennsylvania. We are planning to leave here at the end of September giving us plenty of time to travel there and help out with the wedding.
After dinner they followed us back to the 5th wheel and we showed them around "our" campground, afterwards I built a fire and we sat outside for awhile until they had to leave for their drive home.
We are planning to drive to Plainfield after work today to visit with Rudee's parents. The bike is due for an oil change so Rudee will be following me and we will leave the bike at the Harley dealership and pick it up on Monday. I'll keep you posted.


  1. We are looking forward to our first workkamping experience. Keeping busy keeps you from getting bored!

  2. I like your work schedule. Is the CG privately owned or corporate operated?