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Thursday, April 5, 2012

running around

We have had the last two days off and have done a lot of "running around"! Tuesday morning we headed north to White Pigeon, Michigan. That is the home to Bontragger's RV Surplus and Supply. They are near most of the RV manufacturers in and around Elkhart, Indiana and they have several buildings full of bulk supplies left over (or surplus) from the factories.
I love to just spend some time browsing through all the shelves and bins full of every switch, light, wire, bracket etc. that goes in our RV's.
I had called and they had a replacement oven for the one I burned up and true to their word they had one sitting on their counter waiting for us to arrive and take it home. I loaded it up into the truck and picked up a couple of small items as well. The small switch for our outside porch light had become really hard to turn on so I picked up a new one for $1 plus a new lens for the light and a shower drain plug for Rob and Jany Runion since the one in their Raptor was lost long before they bought it.

Since we were up in the area we decided to drive over to Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, Michigan. This is by far our favorite casino. They designed it like a huge north woods lodge and it very comfortable inside with a large mix of slot machines. The building is large and even though it is all one level you don't feel "crammed in".
We have their players cards and recently received some coupons for some free play. I got $15 and Rudee got $35 of free slot play so we decided to give it a go. Luck was on our side because I was able to turn their $15 into a surprising $350.00 win! Wow, that not only paid for the oven I broke but covered our gas and meals for the trip! Rudee said I am officially out of the dog house now! :-)
We spent about an hour and a half playing and eating our supper before starting the long trip back home. We made it back to the 5er shortly after 10pm and were both beat from the long day on the road.

Wednesday morning I pulled the new oven out of the truck and saw a major problem. The front of the oven looked the same but the new one had a different case on it that included a light and fan on the bottom. This new one was made to mount directly over the stove and ours mounts inside a cabinet. Crap! Now we have to go back and to top it off they don't have our model. It's my fault for not checking it closer before loading it up so there is no one to blame but me. I guess I'm back in the dog house again :-).
There is another supplier in the area that supplies the new ones to Keystone (our RV manufacturer) and I can purchase one there so looks like my trying to save a buck backfired on me and we will be taking another road trip soon. Better stay out of the casino this time, doubt if I could be lucky 2 times in a row. :-)

Today (Thursday) it is back to work at 3pm for the next 4 days. We are both enjoying our jobs and it sure helps to that we are starting to get more comfortable with what is expected of us. I'll keep you posted.

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