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Sunday, April 29, 2012

work week ends early

Saturday morning we opened the cafe' right on time. Our first customers arrived about 5 minutes later and never stopped. We ended up having our busiest day so far. At 9:30 all the work campers and the owners came in for their breakfasts so we finished the day cooking for them. We ended up having a table of 12 workers to feed :-). The boss came in and told me he appreciated all of hard work and long hours we put in this week and told us to go ahead and take Sunday off ..... with pay! Whoo Hoo, 3 day week end! :-)
We finished cleaning up, closed and locked the doors around 11:00pm. We did have to make a trip back to empty and reload the dishwasher once it finished its cycle because we were so busy all the dishes we used wouldn't fit in one load!
Our daughter Amanda came to visit and have some quiet time. Being a Mom to 3 young children along with working a full time job takes it toll on a person and she needed an hour or two to decompress.

Sunday morning we slept in until 7:30! :-) Our son Matthew called us and wanted us to come to Lafayette and go to a gun show with him. Well alrighty then, guess I raised that boy right!
We made the hour and half drive and met him at the entrance to the show. We looked around at all the guns, ammo and accessories at the different vendors but everything seemed to be way overpriced. We did buy Rudee a new pepper spray canister for her purse. She is not a gun person but wanted something for a little protection. She has carried pepper spray in the past and knows how, and when, to use it. Hopefully she will never have the opportunity.

We have tomorrow and Tuesday off. The plan for tomorrow is to manufacture a PVC clothes line that mounts to the ladder of the 5th wheel. I have the plans that I found on a fellow RVers blog as well as a shopping list for the necessary supplies. I'll try and get some decent photos, it should be an interesting experience. I'll keep you posted.


  1. How nice of them to reward you with a day off with pay!

  2. Don't you just love a three day weekend

  3. I have a friend that claims he invented the 8 day week end. He hitches up the fifth wheel and and leaves on Wednesday and comes back the following Wednesday.