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Friday, August 21, 2009

company coming

We are having some friends camping here at the KOA this week end. Dale and Teresa Pickett have an All American Sport toy hauler 5th wheel. They ride with us in our Goldwing group as well as camping together several times a year. They should be here later this afternoon and we are looking forward to a nice week end. We are going to the chapter picnic tomorrow. Everyone will bring a covered dish and the chapter provides the main course. The picnic will be at a local park here in Crawfordsville.

I have been considering installing an air ride pin box on the Montana. The freightliners suspension is very stiff since it was designed to haul very heavy loads. Bumps in the roadway are transferred to the frame of the Montana, the air ride would absorb these and give us a smoother ride. I called 5th Airborne customer service to inquire about their air ride hitches. I figured since they are located in Goshen In. and since we will be in Goshen for a week in September attending the Montana Owners Rally maybe we could work something out to buy one. The customer service gal was anything but helpful. I told her I needed some info on her product and wanted to see about purchasing. SHe said I would need to contact a dealer and I could go to their website and look one up. I told her I would be in Goshen and did they have a local dealer, she said she had no idea and I could go to their website and look it up myself as long as I had Goshen's zip code. I thanked her for her time and told her I would be calling Trail Air instead since they did not seem to want to help me find one of theirs. I wonder what the owners of this company would think of the "customer service" their customer service people were providing.

Speaking of customer service. I called Frank my forgetful winch provider. His latest story is he was out of town and didn't place the order for my winch until Wednesday night and it was being shipped. I gave him my email and he was supposed to be sending me a tracking number. I am trying to be patient with them since he seems to want to help solve my issue. I guess if this time it does not work out it's time for plan B and that would include losing my patience and probably any hope of getting the winch replaced by them. I don't understand why it has to be this hard? If the guy doesn't want to stand behind his product then he could at least tell me this up front and I wouldn't be sitting here waiting on him. I will purchase a winch myself if I cannot get one through them and fix the thing on my own. I just wish he would be honest, upfront and follow through on the expectations he himself set. Rant over.

We will probably either cook out tonight or take the bike and go somewhere with Dale and Teresa whichever they want to do. Tomorrow is the picnic and probably some riding. Sunday we are going to Amanda and Ryan's to help them bring in the crop of sweet corn. I'll keep you posted.

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