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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Computer woes

My company sent me a "new" laptop that arrived Tuesday. It came with the instructions to "open the box and then call I.T support" so that is what I did. They assigned me to Randy who said it would take "a couple of hours" to configure it. We decided that Wednesday at 2pm would work for both of us and I would call him back. Fast forward to two o'clock yesterday, I got Randy on the phone and we started working. I had to back up some of my files on the old computer and then he would download them to the new one. I started the process and it took forever for one of my files to upload. Finally at 5pm he told me to just let it run and we would start again in the morning.

We went out with the Goldwing group last night to a restaurant in Stylesville In. The service was fast and the food was really good. Rudee and I shared a 12oz rib eye dinner. The steak was huge and when the waitress brought it out mentioned they also have a 20oz one, wow! They had a sign up that you could get a 1/2 rack of ribs all wrapped up ready to take home and heat up for $5 so we decided to get some and heat them up for supper Thursday evening. The ride home was nice and the full moon was slowly rising in the east while the sun was setting in the west. We had a nice view no matter which way we looked.

This morning (Thursday) I called Randy back at 9am (he is in Texas so is on central time) and we started in on my new laptop. The file had finished uploading sometime last evening so he said it should be a quick process today ....WRONG! I have some kind of glitch signing into the companies VPN. I can use our internet here at home or my air card and things work fine, sign on to the VPN and nothing works. I have to be on the VPN for him to finish the set up as well as for me being able to get and send emails. What a pain, we tried different fixes all morning and finally at 12 noon he gave up and is escalating the problem up the line. I hate having computer problems! The sad thing is, my old computer had no problems, they are just trying to faze them out because they are the "old" company issued laptops. This catches me up to the buy out of my company in 2007. We have been sold again (in July 2009) so I can foresee doing all this over again in several months. SHEESH!

I got the Ok to use my old computer and am getting a little work done, just can't use my email because they are monkeying around with it. I foresee another 1/2 day or more trying to get this thing working. At least things have slowed down some the last couple of days. I got a bunch of assignments Friday and Monday and have taken care of most of them so maybe it will work out and I wont get too far behind in work.

This week end they are talking about temps in the 90's. We may have the kids over to take a swim. I also purchased the batteries for the truck ($300, Ouch!!) and need to get those installed. That should not be too bad a job but remember who your dealing with here! I foresee hours of frustration, colorful metaphors, blood and bandages in my future! I'll keep you posted.

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