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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the week goes on.....

Rudee called me this morning and gave me a play by play report on the happenings next door. I guess two guys showed up in a pick up truck and started sorting thru the burned out trailer. She went out and talked to them a little and found out the trailer owners had called them and they were there to haul it away. They worked for most of the morning clearing things out and finally hooked on and hauled it away. They left several large piles of "stuff" on the ground in the site for the owner. Speaking of them, she came by for a few minutes but Rudee didn't get a chance to talk to her so not sure how things are going for them. Hopefully they will find another place and can start rebuilding their lives again, sad story for sure.

Work has been busy and I still have not gotten the new computer up and running. My email system is still down and my old computer is only working good enough for me to "get by" on. I can still function just not as efficiently as before. I guess they are having to reconfigure something in my "profile". The people who set all this up are in India and the guy I am working with is from our I.T. department in Texas so it is a global effort trying to get my little box running like it should :-).

Rudee and I carried the trash up to the dumpster a little while ago. We walked past a Class A motorhome pulling a Jeep that was just pulling away from the office. We started to go into the office and heard a big crash. We went around the corner and the Class A had hooked the chain link fence post with it's rear bumper. The post is now leaning way over and the motorhome bumper is broken and hanging off. These things happen and you have to face the fact that if you try and drive something as long as our rigs are, chances are you are going to scrape a bumper or two (or ten!!). We had not had our Montana too long when I swung wide to enter a parking lot and forgot that the rear end of the 5th wheel tends to swing as well. I got too close to the edge of the road and the back end scraped a mailbox when I turned :-( Oh well, gives it some character.

Looks like we will have a grand kid tomorrow evening. Olivia (our youngest) will be coming to stay while her Mom, Dad, Nicholas and Avalynn go to to the school and find their new classrooms and meet their new teachers. We are planning to meet Rudee's parents at The New Ross Steakhouse. We took them there a few months ago and her Dad really liked it. I'll keep you posted.

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