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Thursday, August 27, 2009

we have a winch!!

Rudee and I drove to Brownsburg to the UPS store (our "home address") and picked up our mail. They also had a package waiting for us. Yep the long awaited winch had arrived!

I took a quick look inside the box before we drove off and it is a brand spanking new 4,000 lb'er. The guy said it would bolt into the same holes that the existing one uses so I'm hoping it will not be an ordeal swapping it out. I guess I'll find out this week end. Stay tuned for "that" story.

We have been pretty happy with the UPS store that serves as our mail service provider. They have been very good at notifying us when we get a package. We have it set up to forward our mail every Tuesday and have money in our account to pay for the postage and packaging of our normal mail. We have it sent here to the KOA where we have our own little cubby hole where the staff puts our mail. The forwarded mail usually gets her Wednesday or Thursday. Of course whenever I'm close to Brownsburg I'll stop in and pick up the mail myself since it saves on the forwarding $$.

Rudee was having a Mexican food withdrawal so on our way back home we stopped at Little Mexico here in Crawfordsville. We had a nice meal and then had to make a grocery run. There was a big tent set up in the grocery store parking lot and I though maybe they were having a big sale. Turns out there was some kind if outfit that had a free zoo set up. We walked through it and saw a Llama, kangaroo, monkey, python (Rudee didn't get too close to that!!), and a big tiger. There was another section where you could pay $1.00 and see a leopard and a lion. We stuck with the free stuff. They also had a camel they used to give rides, it was a two humper :-).

We headed home after the safari and the shopping. Rudee has been watching TV and I have been surfing the web. I did find a nice deal advertised on the Escapees forum, a lot in the Yuma foothills that has been developed with 2 RV sites. The place has a nice patio and full hook ups and looks like it would be a great place to spend the winters. The price is "only" $105,000.00. Would be nice to have a lot somewhere but we're not ready for that yet, heck fire we want to travel some first and still are a few years away from doing that :-).

I had to appear in court yesterday for work. I wrote the estimate on a car and there was a lawsuit filed because the insurance companies were all fighting over who was at fault. I had to drive 2 hours up there, sat for 1 1/2 hours waiting only to get on the stand and they asked me three whole questions! I took the stand at 3:00pm and walked out of the courtroom at 3:03 pm only to have to drive the 2 hours back home. What a pain.

No real plans this week end except to get the winch replaced. We may even get to take a bike ride if all goes well, keep your fingers crossed. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Congrats on taking delivery of that new winch! Good luck on the install.