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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hump Day

The weather has been off and on so far this week. There have been pop up storms every day but so far they have all missed us. We have been hanging around the trailer and just being lazy the last couple of evenings. Tonight we are heading to Lebanon for our GWRRA monthly Chapter meeting. The meetings are usually pretty boring but the company is always good.

When we arrived in Elizabethtown Ky. last Saturday we had a few extra minutes to "see the sights". Our first stop was on the courthouse square. One of the buildings there has a cannon ball embedded in the side of it. The ball was fired in December 1862 when Confederate General Morgan's troops attacked the Federal forces who held the town. The confederates won the battle and occupied the town. I did a little further research and this was not the original building which burned in the late 1800's and was replaced by this structure. The cannon ball had been removed and stored in the attic prior to the fire and was found in the debris. The cannon ball was then placed back in the wall of this building in the 1930's in as close to the original position as possible.

We also went by the Brown-Pusey House. http://www.touretown.com/brownpuseyhouse.shtml
There was a wedding going on there so we did not stop to check it out. I later learned that General George Custer and his wife lived on the grounds when he was stationed here after the war to police the KKK and disrupt illegal stills. We both got a good laugh at the name of the place as well.

Some RVers like to 'boondock" which is spending the night with out any hook ups at all. Most do this as a way to save money when traveling. Wal Mart stores generally let you use their parking lots to spend the night in as well as truck stops. Last night I guess we had some "boondockers" next to us here at the KOA. I'm not sure when the rolled in but I heard their generator running very early this morning. Now keep in mind they pulled into a pull through, full hook up site and then ran their generator all night. I'm not sure why they didn't hook up to the electricity that was included in the site fees unless by coming in late they were going to try and leave early before the office opened and not pay the nightly fee. Who knows what people are thinking? Like this guy who I found parked in a rest park this morning.

I first thought he was broken down but I don't think so. Boondocking rules are pretty straight forward, don't put out your slides if you can help it, no stabilizer jacks down, awnings not extended etc. The thing is your a guest in the parking lot and it should not look like you have set up camp for an extended stay. This guy could have at least gotten his rig off the road!!

The new winch has not arrived yet. I guess I'll give the guy until Friday and call him for the 3rd time. Not sure what my next step will be, but will keep my fingers crossed that a next step will not be necessary. I'll keep you posted.

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