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Monday, August 31, 2009

lazy Sunday

I woke up Sunday and just could not get motivated. The 5th wheel was cool inside since it got down into the upper 40's so I turned on our portable heater we have in the bedroom for Rudee and left her to sleep in and headed for the coffee pot. I surfed the web and drank most of a pot of coffee. Rudee was up around 9am and she was in the same mood I was in. I guess we both needed a "do nothing" day.

We recently joined Netflix and had gotten our first movie so we watched it. Netflix works pretty slick. We have a list of movies we want to watch on their website and have them in the order we would prefer to watch them. They send us a movie out and we can keep it as long as want. Once we watch it we seal it back into the prepaid return envelope and drop it back into the mail to them. When the movie arrives back to them they send us another one on our list. We pay just under $9.00 per month and can have unlimited movies one at time. They also have movies and TV episodes that you can watch on your computer (streaming video) for free. I have not played around with that feature yet.

Kadinger's called us shortly after 4pm and we drove the semi over to his shop. Mike and Penny met us there and we had the winch cable cut off and everything back to normal in about 15 minutes. We decided that Steak and Shake needed some business tonight so we followed them over where we had a nice visit and meal.

Steak and Shake is near the super Wal Mart so we drove over to check on the price of diesel fuel. The truck holds 280 gallons (two 140 gallon tanks) and the last time we filled it up was in Kentucky on our way home from Florida in January. The gauge still showed 1/2 a tank but we figured it was time to get it a little closer to being full. Of course we have to do a little shopping while we're there. Rudee headed in to pick up a few things and I went to the service desk and bought a $200.00 gift card. By using the gift card at the fuel pump you save .03 per gallon. The truck ended up taking about 65 gallons to fill the drivers side tank and I turned the truck around and finished off the card on the passenger tank.
I showed 760 miles driven since the last fill up but since I didn't fill it all the way I couldn't figure the mpg this time. We usually get around 9 miles per gallon. We have driven more this year than I thought. We have had several week end camp outs and went to the Indiana GWRRA rally last May. I guess it all adds up quick but it's pretty sweet to fill the truck up and it lasts all year!

We are planning on going to play BINGO tonight in Lebanon, wish us luck. I'll keep you posted.

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