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Sunday, August 23, 2009

nice week end

Dale and Teresa Pickett arrived here at the KOA around 6pm Friday evening, about 10 minutes before the clouds opened up and it poured rain :-(.

I had suggested to Rudee that we cook out on the grille tonight and then maybe have a campfire. I pulled the grille out and started to light it up and found that the burner had rusted through. Rudee suggested we go to Wal Mart and see if we can pick up another one so we hopped into the truck and headed across town. We found a nice stainless steel grille on sale for $50.00 and decided to buy it. We paid and headed back to the 5th wheel. When we pulled in the driveway we saw Picketts pulling into their spot beside us. We said a quick hello and left them alone to set up. I unpacked the grille and sat at the picnic table putting it together. Rudee helped me until the rain came, she ducked under the awning and laughed at me trying to finish the last few screws while getting soaked :-).

I fired up the new grille despite the rain. Heck fire, I won't melt right? I grilled the steaks while Rudee made us salads and baked a couple of potatoes in the microwave. We had a nice meal and the rain slowed down some but it was obvious we wouldn't be doing much outdoors tonight. Picketts had pretty much settled in to their camper content to watch TV so we did the same.

We got up Saturday morning and wondered where summer went. The temperature was in the low 60's and it was overcast and gloomy outside. We decided to go out for breakfast. Dale and Teresa decided to pass so Rudee and I headed to Uncle Smiley's for a quick bite. We made it back to the campground about 10am and started preparing for our pitch in picnic with our Goldwing chapter. We had a couple of packages of pre-cooked shrimp in the freezer and decided to thaw them out and take them and some seafood sauce on a platter for a nice shrimp cocktail. The picnic was at a local park and there were several already there when we arrived. Bill Remley and his brother Ron had brought their grills and took care of preparing the hamburgers, hot dogs and sausages. There was a large selection of side dishes and deserts to choose from. We all ate our fill and then some!

BINGO was the name of the game after lunch. Terri Remley was the caller and they had prizes for the winner. I won the first game and got a sack of goodies. We played 7 or 8 games and Rudee won one also. We all had a good time just hanging around talking all afternoon.

Back at the 5th wheel I started a fire in the ring. Picketts came over and we just relaxed by the flames. Robinson's showed up shortly after and were followed by Kadinger's and both sets of Remley's. We had 12 people around the fire at one time. Rudee made a large crock pot of chili and the others still had some left overs from the picnic so we had another pitch in. Niles got on the phone and ordered a couple of pizzas to round out our "buffet". We all had another good meal and spent the evening telling lies and laughing around the campfire. I really love those kind of nights, it doesn't get any better.

Sunday we were up and at it fairly early. We told Picketts goodbye since they were leaving to head back home. We had plans to go to Amanda and Ryan's to help them shuck, cook, bag and freeze their sweet corn. They have a small garden in their back yard and had a bumper crop of sweet corn they wanted to put up.

We arrived about 10 a/m and Ryan put us to work. They had picked the corn yesterday so we started shucking and shucking and shucking. Wow that was a lot of corn! Ryan has a small utility tractor with a bucket on the front. He had the bucket full and when that was all gone he went and filled it again! I don't know how many bags of corn they ended up with but we worked non stop for almost 4 hours!
Rudee wanted to take her Mom and Dad some corn so we gathered up a dozen ears that were left over and headed to Plainfield. We met them at a local restaurant for a very late lunch and had a nice visit with them.

We ended up back at the 5th wheel where we had a late supper of, what else, corn on the cob! I'm pretty sick of corn right now :-). We decided to join Netflix and see how it works. We can get 1 movie at a time and there are no late fees. We have been renting probably 1-2 movies a week at the "red box" kiosk found at Mc Donalds and Wal Mart. We will see how this works out. I'll keep you posted.

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