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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

computer woes ..... again!!

Monday morning Rudee logged on and was working with out any glitches. I wish I could say the same. My laptop would not log on no matter what I tried which is not much considering my limited computer abilities. I had a message on my phone that they had finally gotten my other laptop (a Dell) figured out and I needed to call them and could start using it ....... they think!!
The I.T. people are in Texas which is on Central Time which means they don't show up to work until 9:00 my time, so here I sit, dead in the water.
I called my boss and she suggested I come into the office and can hook up to the main frame computer and this would make their set up work on the Dell go faster (we hope). I arrived at the office around 9:30 and called the computer guy. He was able to log into my computer and take control over it to make the changes and downloads necessary to get me going. The whole process took most of the day. He finished up shortly before 4:00pm and I was able to use the remaining time to answer all the emails I got while on vacation. All in all it was a wasted day for me but they finally got their wish and switched me from a Panasonic Toughbook to a Dell. The ironic thing is, my new company uses the Toughbooks so I'll have to go back through all this again in a few months when they change everyone back. Silly stuff I wont miss when I retire.

Rudee had a training class Monday evening and was gone when I got home. I stopped at Mc Donalds and brought home my dinner since I didn't want to cook anything. Amanda brought the kids over for a little while and we had some "papaw" time :-).

The campground has been busy with overnighters the past few nights. Mostly motorhomes traveling through. I would think it's too early for snowbirds but maybe not. I guess I need to get out and mingle more but to be honest, I'm pooped!!

We have a busy week planned. We are taking our table over to Rudee's Mom's house to sell in a garage sell this week end. We found the one we wanted in Elkhart and decided to go back up this weekend and get it so we need to make room for it.

I really like the new Trailair pin box we purchased. I could tell a big difference on the way the 5th wheel reacted to bumps in the road on the trip home.

Friday is Grandparents day at Nicholas' and Avalynn's school. They put on a program and then we get to go their room and meet their teachers and eat a snack. We are looking forward to going. I'll keep you posted.

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