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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

cowboy day

Tuesday I was up before the chickens again! Gotta quit that stuff! We really didn't have any plans until later this afternoon so Rudee suggested we backtrack a few miles to the town of Bandera, Texas. They boast as being the "cowboy capitol" and when we drove through with the rig the town looked interesting with a neat main street. We hopped in the Dakota and it was only a short drive through the hills, sure wish we had some more time here to do some bike riding around here.
We parked on main street and walked a few shops just checking out some of the "stuff". One thing nice about full time RVing is the limited space keeps you from buying a lot of things :-).
I have an app on my cell phone for Yelp that lists the local points of interests and restaurants with reviews. It listed a barbecue place on main street that had great reviews that said they had the best burgers in Texas. We decided to try it for lunch and walked over but found the doors locked. Seems like Tuesday is the only day of the week they are closed :-(. No problem we walked a block up the street and found another nice place and I had a durn good (that's cowboy talk!) cheeseburger there!
For my Goldwing friends I came across this "conversion" parked on a side street.
I can certainly understand going to three wheels when riding on two gets to be difficult but why someone would go this route baffles me.
We made a stop at the grocery on the way back to the 5er and spent a little time getting ready for tonight's "date night". We had plans to meet at Mike and Les' 5th wheel at their park where we could walk to the dinner and concert. We arrived shortly after 4pm and had a chance to visit before heading to the dinner a little after 5pm. Here is Mike and Les all decked out for a night on the town!
Their park has a really, really nice activities building that is big enough to be a banquet hall. We checked in and they led us to our reserved table. We sat with 3 other couples and had a great time meeting new friends.
The meal was steak and chicken with carrots, rice and a salad with a slice of cake for dessert. The food was decent but nothing to write home about, so I wont :-).
The entertainment started right after the dishes were removed. They had booked country singer Thomas Michael Riley. We had never heard of him before but were in for a treat! He was very talented! He writes all of his own songs and has won several awards for them. He has made 9 albums and is getting ready to head to Nashville to record number ten! The songs he sang were aimed toward the RV audience and we thoroughly enjoyed the 2 1/2 hour show. Watch out for this guy, he has the talent and drive to really hit it big! http://www.thomasmichaelriley.com/home.html
We spent a few minutes with Mike and Les after the show and the time came way to early for us to leave. We are traveling about 350 miles to Beaumont, Texas this morning as soon as the fog lifts. We have been talking to our friend Jimmy who is fighting cancer in Houston and are making plans to get together. He has treatments Thursday and Friday so we need to get together tonight or we may miss the opportunity. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Great blog update ! Betty and I really enjoyed JMR's song "Redneck Rivera" ! I sure wish there was a way to embed that on our blog page.

  2. Looks and reads like ya'll are living the RV Dream :) We hope to be soon. Continue having fun.