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Friday, February 24, 2012

Mississippi .... my favorite state to spell

Thursday morning we took our time getting started packing up and hooking on. The skies were thick with clouds and it sure looked like we would be driving in some rain today :-(.
I worked on the outside loading the bike onto the semi and getting the truck and 5er ready to travel. Rudee took care of the inside chores and by 10am we were pulling out of our spot.
We enjoyed this area but the campground was not the greatest, it wasn't really bad but on the other hand was nothing special either. The traffic noise was probably the worst we have encountered and that includes all of our travels before we started fulltiming. There were a lot of older permanent trailers there and they were not in the best of condition but we were never bothered by anyone nor did we feel unsafe. The manager was super nice and even delivered our mail to our door the day it came.
Earlier this week I woke up in the middle of the night to a strange sound and once fully awake I knew exactly what it was. We had a critter inside the front cap of the 5th wheel! Crap! I figured it was a mouse but with all the oak trees here it could have been a chipmunk or even a small squirrel. I could hear the thing when it was moving around and was chewing on something. I figured it was making itself at home and building a nest with the insulation.
The next morning I went off to Home Depot and picked up a package of these:
I had no idea if they would work or not but there was no way to put a trap into the front cap and I was afraid if I used poison the thing would just curl up and die (pee yew!). I removed the trim around the vent in the bedroom roof where I knew I could access the small attic space. I then hooked the gizmo to a small extension cord and pushed it as far in (towards the front cap) as I could. I replaced the vent trim with the cord hanging out and plugged it in hoping for the best.
That night I thought I heard the critter again but nothing since. Maybe he was packing his bags! That was 3 days ago and still no sign or sounds from the critter so I think it must have bailed! I have no idea why the sounds the little gizmo makes is so offensive to rodents but it sure seemed to work for us. I am no way associated to this company (usual disclaimers apply) so use it at your own risk but I will be having these plugged in from now on except in the attic, Rudee doesn't like the look of a cord hanging out of the ceiling :-)
Our trip today took us back through Lafayette on US 90 to I-10 which we took east to Baton Rouge. Once we crossed the bridge entering the city we headed north on I-110 which ends just north of town and turns into US 61. This road is a really nice 4 lane that we took all the way to Vicksburg, Mississippi. We passed through a few smaller towns on the way and the larger city of Natchez slowed us down a little but otherwise we made good time plus the skies had cleared to a pretty blue with temperatures in the low 80's!. Our new home for a few days is the Ameristar Casino RV Park, a Good Sam park that is owned and operated by the casino. http://www.ameristar.com/Vicksburg_Hotel_RV_Park.aspx
I called Wednesday evening and made a reservation and it's a good thing I did because when we arrived the clerk was talking on the phone turning an RVer away because they were full tonight. We checked in shortly after 3pm and got parked into a pull through 30amp site. The site is not long enough to stay hooked up but that's OK because we plan on staying until Sunday so we can see all the battlefield sites. There is a large paved parking lot adjacent to our site so we were able to park the semi where it is out of the way but we can still see it. Our site is full hook ups with free WIFI and cable (50+ channels). Looks like a nice park for a few days.
Once we were settled the first order of business was food! We hopped in the Dakota and followed the GPS to a really nice Mexican Restaurant. We shared a chimichanga dinner and it was very good.
We made it back to the 5er and even had time for a walk around the campground before the sun set. We plan on touring some of the civil war sites tomorrow and Saturday and of course I'll keep you posted!

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