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Thursday, February 16, 2012

meeting old friends

Tuesday was a big travel day for us. We got up early so we could hit the road at a decent hour only to hear of dense fog causing traffic problems in and around San Antonio. We decided to stay put for another hour or two to allow the fog to lift.
We pulled out of the campground at 8:30 and wound our way to I-10. Once on the interstate we made good time into the city. I decided to follow the GPS and take the 1604 loop around the north side thinking it would be similier to outer loops found in other major metropolitan cities. We were still 5 miles from hooking back up to I-10 when we passed a sign announcing the freeway ends and the road changed to a 4 lane state highway complete with stop and go lights and 2 miles later it went to a 2 lane road :-o. By the time the road narrowed the traffic had lightened up some so we all just got in single file and made it back to the interstate without too much trouble. I think it would have been better to have just stayed on I-10 and motored on through but you never know. Nowadays we are learning to just "go with the flow" :-).
We did run into some foggy haze along with some off and on showers that stayed with us the rest of the day.
We hit Houston just before 1pm and it was the typical zoo with traffic and to top it off the rain picked up to a heavy down pour! We took our time and let the kamikazes in 4 wheelers zoom around us hoping we would be able to stop when they finally hit something :-o!
The rain slowed to just off and on showers again once we got east of Houston and we could breathe normally again! The rest of the trip was a breeze and we landed at Gulf Coast RV Resort, a Passport America park, in Beaumont, Texas after driving a total of 340 miles today. We stayed here back in October and found it to be pretty nice with long pull through sites. http://www.gulfcoastrvresort.com/
We got checked in and parked at our site fairly quickly. They must have had quite a bit of rain here because the grass around all the sites was soggy. The pads to park on are all cement but the patios are designed more for diesel pusher motorhomes so they do not line up with the doors are most any other rig.
We finished our set up quickly and headed out the door again. We were heading back towards Houston to meet motorcycle buddies from Indiana, Jim and Becky Owens.
They are living here with family while Jimmy undergoes cancer treatments. We met them at a little gas station that doubled as a barbecue restaurant just off the highway about 1/2 way between us. We spent the evening catching up on his treatment and plans for recovery as well as reminiscing on past times. We had a great time with these guys and are looking forward to when they are back home in Indiana and we can make some more memories with them on and off the bikes.
Back at the 5th wheel we were both bushed after our long travel day and it wasn't long before I was nodding to sleep in the recliner! The rain is supposed to be over for a couple of days and we need to get the 5er and trucks cleaned up! They are nasty with a capitol "N"! Our next stop will be in Broussard, Lousiana where we will spend a week exploring the swamp, "shoot em Lizbeth, shoot em"! I'll keep you posted.

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