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Friday, February 17, 2012

leaving Texas

Thursday morning dawned with more gray, dreary looking skies. I wanted to wash the rig before traveling any further and there happened to be a Blue Beacon Truck Wash right up the road from the park here in Beaumont. I drove the Dakota over there to check out the price and was told it would be around $60 for both the truck and 5th wheel. Probably not a bad price but with the threat of rain I was a little hesitant to spend that kind of money just to drive through another shower 50 miles up the road :-(.
I decided to call our next campground and talked to the manager. He was very nice and told me no problem washing the rig there once I arrived. Cool!
I do have the "no rinse" type of soap popular with RVers where you can wash the rig using only a bucket of water. You apply it with a car wash brush like normal but instead of rinsing with a hose you just squegee it off. I also do a quick buff with a towel afterwards but this time the rig was just way too dirty and needed to be hosed down.
I stopped at Sonic and got us each a breakfast sandwich and took them back to the 5th wheel for breakfast.

We had a short travel day today of only around 130 miles so we could take a little extra time this morning being lazy. We did eventually head east on I-10. Our destination was a small Passport America Park in Broussard, Louisiana. We called a few days ago and made sure they had space available at the 50% off rate and forgot that this week is the peak of Mardi Gras! The manager was really nice and said he was not as busy as he expected to be and would honor the PPA price for the week we wanted to stay. So our nightly rate for 50amp full hook ups is only $15 per night.

We arrived shortly before 2pm and got checked in. This park is not the greatest we have ever seen, the spots are very close to a 4 lane main road so we have a lot of road noise. We are here to see the area not spend time at an RV "resort" so this will do us just fine and the price is right :-).
Before even setting up I drug out the hose, bucket and brush. Rudee and I washed the entire 5th wheel, well everything but the roof, in record time. Whew, that was a job! Sure looks better though!
We got set up and went out to a neat little diner for a late lunch, early supper. We will probably do a lot more eating out here since we want to experience the Cajun food.

Back the 5er we unloaded the bike and called it a night. We were both bushed and went to bed early! Friday we plan on exploring some in the Dakota as they are predicting heavy rain and storms for the next 2 days. Looks like maybe Sunday will be our first chance to take the bike out and we are sure looking forward to that! I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Drip drop, I am drooling on your blog, because I just love fabulous Cajun food, especially anything with shrimp. I try to make my own Cajun, but it's just not as good as the real thing. You lucky devil! If you're coming my way...bring some Cajun with you. Thanks!