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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

finally, a perfect day!

Monday we decided to rest the motorcycle since it was still a little on the cool side and the wind was blowing. We ventured out in the Dakota a little and ended up at another casino. We spent a little time there. I started out hitting a little but that soon changed, but then Rudee got hot and recouped our loses. We figured we had better get out of there before we both started losing at the same time :-).
I had been wanting some Chinese food so we stopped at a Hong Kong Buffet just up the road from the campground. They had quite a few seafood items as well as the typical Chinese offerings. The food was decent but overpriced for the amount we eat. Oh well, that should satisfy me for another 6 months until I get that craving again.
Tuesday was predicted to be the best weather day of the week so we wanted to take advantage of it. We loaded up on the bike and headed out.
We are both fans of the TV show "Swamp People" and love to watch those guys catch alligators. Rudee's favorite is Troy Landry and we learned from the show he lives in Pierre Part, La. which is only 50 miles away from us. We decided that would be our destination today.
Our ride took us south and then east. I stayed off the 4 lane US 90 as much as possible and we rode through several small communities. We got lucky in the town of Franklin and made it through just a few minutes before they closed the road for a parade. We did wave at all the people sitting on the curb as we passed, I think we were probably the last vehicle they let through and it felt a little weird being the only thing on the road with people on each side looking at you. I know they were thinking, "is this the parade???" :-).
We passed some nice homes and scenery along our trip.
The town of Morgan City has a full size shrimp boat welcoming you to town.
We made it to Pierre Part shortly after noon and were both hungry. We stopped at a small cafe named Landry's Seafood (no relation to Troy). The parking lot was full and we took that as a good sign. Not only was the parking lot full but all the tables were as well. One thing about a small town is they usually have friendly people and it took all of about 1 minute for a couple to offer the two empty chairs at the end of their table to us :-).
Fried Crawfish was the choice for lunch and we had a great meal. Now we know why the parking lot was full!
After lunch we rode through Pierre Part and it was pretty much what we imagined it to be, small town Louisiana at it's finest. We stopped for gas at the edge of town and Rudee asked the clerk about the TV show. A customer behind her overheard her question and said he was a friend of Troy's and if we went back to the other side of town to Duffy's Shell station we might find him there because his family owns it and he is in there a lot. Well this was all Rudee wanted to hear and I headed to the Shell.
Troy wasn't there, the clerk said he was in Rayne fishing for Crawfish. Oh well, guess we missed out on a "celebrity" sighting and have to settle for a cardboard cut out.
I didn't want to just turn around and go back the same way we came so I headed North. We skirted around Baton Rouge and had to hop on the interstate for a few miles to navigate over the swamp, but ended up back on the 2 lanes that we like to ride.
We really enjoyed our day and once we were back at the 5th wheel Rudee commented that it was a "perfect day" :-).
We have one last day here in Louisiana before moving on and have no real plans. They are saying we may have a little rain moving in. I'll keep you posted.


  1. A Great "psifoglin'" kind of day! Those days, for us, are where there is no set agenda, but a mere hint of where we might want to go, leads us into the best of adventures. We usually go "muttin' " around, but a even more casual "psifoglin'" day reveals the coolest of things. Probably because we have no goals to acheive, but are taking our time and actualy see more of the local culture.