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Saturday, February 4, 2012


The gate is still slow and I am getting in the habit of sleeping in the "big bed" and keeping a more conventional schedule. The last 4 nights there has been no one in or out the gate after 11:30 pm and before 6 am :-). During the daylight hours we get a little traffic, mostly the water tankers hauling the flow back water out to be disposed of. They have been starting around 8am and ending around 9pm. The same drivers make 6 or 7 round trips throughout the day and we have them trained to just slow down at the gate giving us the chance to make sure who they are, this way it doesn't slow them down too much and we don't have to run outside every time. Hopefully the nights will stay slow for the next couple of nights and I can keep on a regular sleep schedule.

Friday was payday, well actually Monday is when the checks are issued but we wait until Friday to make sure it arrives in our P.O. Box in Cotulla. I drove into town late in the morning and was surprised by how little traffic there was. I only met one car in the 16 mile drive into town. Once there I went to the post office and filled out the paperwork to cancel our P.O. Box and forward any mail back to Indiana. I had a short list of groceries Rudee wanted and then picked up lunch for us both at Wendy's and headed home. We have enjoyed being close to a decent little town like Cotulla. The grocery store is nice albeit a little overpriced but I guess they are just cashing in on the oil boom like the rest of us.

Friday afternoon a strange car rolled into the gate and Rudy and Deloris introduced themselves to us. They are going to be our relief and wanted to "check out the digs"! They are new to gate guarding and have filled in for a few hours on another gate but otherwise this is their first assignment. We gave them the low down on what to expect as best we could and showed them around our set up here. I remember just a few months ago Jerry and Kit Bertelsen were doing the same thing for us! We remember how nervous we both were trying to figure all this stuff out and how nice it was to have a shoulder to lean on :-). Dummy me though I forgot to get a picture of them for the blog. They left with promises that they would be back Monday morning, I guess we didn't scare them off :-). The neighbors even stopped in to say "hello" to the new comers and "goodby" to us.

We have no more mouse sightings so maybe we are getting the upper hand. I think Rudee is slowly being convinced that I caught the one we saw and it's safe to put on her shoes again with out shaking them like a paint can at the hardware store! :-) I will continue to leave the traps baited and set, just to be on the safe side :-).

We continue to do some of the little things that need done around the 5th wheel to be ready to leave Monday morning. They have been predicting rain for Friday night and Saturday morning but so far we have been lucky and it seems to have missed us. Hopefully our luck will hold out and we can make the swap here at the gate without having to fight with the mud. I'll keep you posted.

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