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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

we joined the Cavalry

Tuesday morning we were up and out the door shortly after 10am. We were heading for Brackettville, Texas to visit friends and fellow native Hoosiers Kit and Jerry Bertelson. They are our "gate guard mentors" and it really helped having someone we could lean on who was experienced to lean on. They have a great blog and we are loyal followers :-) http://www.kitandjerry.com/index.htm
We had to make a stop at the local car wash first. The truck was simply filthy with all the dust, mud, and even some crude oil residue. We got the outside all spruced up and headed east on US 90. We didn't get very far though when we were stopped by a road block. We figured it was just a random Border Patrol check point but a Sheriff's Deputy came to my window and said the road was closed due to a train derailment. He gave me an alternate route because they anticipated the road closure to last "several hours". The route took us southeast next to the border with Mexico and then north cross country back to US 90. We arrived at Kit and Jerry's safe and sound, just a little later than we anticipated.
Kit and Jerry have an RV port in Fort Clark Springs. Their property sits right in the middle of a restored cavalry Fort. There are several restored buildings including a theater, and some of the old barracks where you can even rent a room and sleep where the soldiers slept all those years ago. The first order of business though was lunch:-).
Anyone that has followed their blog knows they like to hang out at the Burger and Shake, now we know why! Good food in a very relaxed place where you can meet friends and just enjoy being there. We were joined by John and Libby Veach. John spent some time in Lebanon, graduating high school from LHS and still has family in the area. We enjoyed our lunch and meeting the Veach's, thanks for the treat Kit and Jerry!
On our way back Jerry chauffeured us around the Fort. We had a great time and can see why they enjoy this place so much. I really enjoyed the historic aspect and Rudee loved seeing all the deer and turkeys that roam the area.
Kit and Jerry are building a house under their RV port. What a nice place this is going to be. They have the exterior walls up and are starting on the roof beams. There is even going to be a second story "man cave" for Jerry!
The day went quickly and we soon had to say goodbye. What great people these two are! Thanks so much for helping us out and it has been great getting to know you guys better and we will stay in touch!
We left Brackettville and decided to head to Eagle Pass Texas the home of the only casino in the entire state of Texas. I had promised Rudee that I would take her there before leaving the area and this seemed to be the best day. The casino is owned by the Kickapoo Indians and is a few miles outside of the town of Eagle Pass. There was not too big a crowd when we arrived. We enjoy it when a casino is not very crowded :-). We played for a couple of hours and were not doing very well until right at the end and I got "hot"! I ended up recouping all the money we had spent so far and even got enough extra to pay for week of camping and dinner on the way home! Cool!
Today we are planning a short trip to Langtry to see the Jersey Lilly Saloon owned by Judge Roy Bean the "law west of the Pecos" and where he held court back in the day. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Congratulations on your winnings! I should be so lucky. Safe travels.

  2. Maybe you have already answered this but can you advise me on what resources I could use if I was interested in gate watching jobs as you have done? Websites or address? Thanks.