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Sunday, February 12, 2012

it's like Christmas!

Saturday morning we both creaked and moaned our way out of bed. Not really but we were a little sore from our big hike yesterday :-), nothing a couple of Tylenol wouldn't take care of.

We have been waiting on our mail to catch up to us here in Del Rio. We called our mail service Monday afternoon and asked that they forward our mail to us after getting permission from the RV park here. I was expecting it to arrive on Friday and when it didn't show up I was a little worried that if it didn't arrive Saturday we would have to extend our stay here for another day.
We spent the morning being lazy in the 5th wheel and decided to venture outside around noon. Rudee wanted to try a Mexican restaurant recommended to us by Kit and Jerry so we drove over to Pancho's. The restaurant is on a side street here in Del Rio and the building looks fairly new. Rudee had a taco salad and I tried the super burrito. The portions were huge! The first thing I did was cut my burrito in two and still barely finished one half while taking the other half home. They have homemade chips and salsa to snack on while waiting for your meal and the salsa is a little on the hot side! I like things hot and spicy, that's why I married Rudee (wink, wink) but this was even a little hotter than I prefer.
After lunch we took a drive out to Amistad Lake and drove around looking at some of the homes. There were some nice houses built around the lake but not as many housing additions as I would expect given the views from the hillsides. I guess since this is a National Recreation Area the government owns most of the surrounding land.
The bass fisherman were out in force today and the boat ramp parking lots were full. We could see some of them motoring across the lake and anchored in the coves. The weather was cool and there was a pretty stiff breeze so I wonder if they had any luck?

We made a stop at the grocery store and picked up a few items for the pantry and fridge on the way back to the 5th wheel. I dropped Rudee off at the office/managers residence and she paid our tab and picked up our mail package. Yeah, it came! Just like Christmas! I get to open a package! Unfortunately this package usually has some bills in it that need paid :-(. We pay almost all our bills on line so at least the news isn't all bad and I usually get a magazine or two also :-). We spent our Saturday night watching TV and researching RV parks for the next leg of our "adventure".

Rudee is making a big pot of vegetable soup (we call it "stoup" because it is more like stew than soup) since Sunday is supposed to be rainy and cold. We plan to stay inside as much as we can until "winter" is over here in Texas :-)! Monday is a travel day and we will make the short drive up into the Hill Country of Texas and spend a couple of days with friends Mike and Leslie Kennedy who are wintering in Kerrville. We have already reserved a table with them for a Valentines Day dinner and show at their RV park. We are looking forward to hooking up with them again. I'll keep you posted.

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