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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

something new

Monday morning we took our time starting our day. Rudee wanted me to fix a handle on one of the kitchen cabinets where one of the screws had come out and is no where to be found. I removed the other screw so we could match it up. I also grabbed the empty LP tank figuring I had better get it filled before we went any further north, I'm afraid we are going to need it :-O.
Our campground is about halfway between Decatur and Newton, Mississippi, We knew that Newton had a Wal Mart and figured it was our best shot at finding a decent hardware store as well as propane. We made the 7 mile drive and even saw some wild Turkeys crossing the road in front of us.
We found the hardware store in the downtown strip of business' and located the correct screw. I only needed the one and it cost a whopping 10 cents!
The next stop was the local propane supply where we got the tank filled for $23. Back at the 5th wheel I fixed the cabinet and hooked the tank back up so it was ready to go. Here we are, site #8 at Turkey Creek Water Park.
I read several blogs by different RVers and several of them have inflatable Kayaks/Canoes and really love to go out on the water and explore. This has always intrigued me so we took the plunge, no pun intended :-), and ordered a Sea Eagle SE370 last month. http://inflatableboats4less.com/boats/sea-eagle-370-sport-kayak
We made arrangements with Kit and Jerry Bertelsen to have it shipped to their address and we picked it up there when we we were staying in Del Rio. The weather just has not cooperated enough for us to try it out plus we wanted some water that was calm and not crowded. I figured if we were going to make fools of ourselves the less witness' the better!
The lake here is not a huge lake and the wind was light so we decided to take our maiden voyage this afternoon. The park has a sand beach and this would make a good launch point so we drove over and inflated the boat in the parking lot and carried it down to the water. Neither one of us had ever been in a Kayak before and getting in was a new experience but we made it without taking a bath! We paddled around a little cove near the beach and practiced paddling getting used to how the kayak worked. We didn't venture out too far from the protected cove because the wind started picking up. Our boat trip lasted about an hour and we both proclaimed it a success and are looking forward to the next trip :-). I didn't get any photos, I was afraid of the camera ending up at the bottom of the lake :-), I'll do better next time.
On our way back to the 5th wheel we collected some abandoned fire wood that had been left from departing campers and I built a campfire. We sat outside enjoying the fire until the sun started drooping below the trees and the temperture started dropping. Yep, it was a good day :-).
They are predicting rain and thunderstorms for the next few days so we will adjust our plans accordingly. The bike is still on the back of the truck and will likely stay there until we meet Rob and Jany later in the week. Speaking of which, we have decided to head to Florence, Alabama. We will head there on Thursday with Rob and Jany arriving sometime Friday. We have reservations at McFarland Park and are really looking forward to the week. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Kathy has a Canon PowerShot D10 which is Waterproof to a depth of 33 feet. It shoots 12.1 Mega Pixel pictures plus all the other things most digital cameras have today but is also handy on rainy days.

    If your not into another camera most canoe or outdoor Outfitters have what are called dry bags Which will keep personal belongings very dry and they come in a variety of sizes and colours.

    You probably noticed the storage pockets on the back of the Sea-Eagles seats. They may be good for containing personal things but I don't believe they are waterproof.

    Just realized you are one of only a few keeping the word verification on their Blog Posts. Many people not having perfect eye vision cannot decypher the new Double Word Verification. Blogger does a great job of keeping spam to a minimum. If your not sure of how to diable it Rick Doyle from Rick and Paulette's Travel Journal wrote how to do it a week or two ago.

    Enjoy your outings and adventures but be Safe and always use your Safety equipment.

    It's about time.