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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Want to trade places?

I read and participate regularly in some of the RV internet forums. I also read several RVers blogs and enjoy sharing their experiences by proxy. Rudee sometimes thinks she is a "computer widow" and is not shy about letting me know when it's time to shut it off and turn my attention elsewhere :-).

I read a posting today on one of the forums from a fellow who has been volunteer work camping in a National Forest campground. This guy went on and on about how terrible his job was. There were 6 whole campsites in "his" campground. The hosts site did not have any hook ups (he knew this going in) and the problems he had to deal with were almost more than he could bear. I could hardly believe what I was reading. I guess this guy either had no clue of what he was getting into or just has no clue about life at all. His only real complaint was having to deal with the stupid questions people ask, things like "where can I park to take a hike?" and "can we change campsites when the one with the view opens up?". Such problems!!

I have very little sympathy for someone who is living my dream and then complains about it for no apparent reason. I'm not sure what he did to make a living before being able to fulltime but I think he needs a refresher course on the 9-5 grind. I would gladly change places with him. Spending the summer living in a National Forest and dealing with the "problems" and "annoyances" he had would be heaven compared to what I have to do now to make a living. I'm sure many of you would agree.

I have read postings of several who say they would never clean up restrooms as part of their work camping duties. I would gladly clean restrooms for the chance to travel and see this great country. I can only assume the ones who refuse to do such a "menial" job have the income to support their lifestyle without having to work.

I have been a regular reader of Howard Payne at http://www.rv-dreams.typepad.com/ They have been fulltiming for 3 years now and have been doing some work camping to help with the expenses. I don't always agree with Howard in the way he does things and have questioned his motives on several occasions. They have been in Northern California work camping this summer and I have to say that Howard has earned some additional respect from me. He has cleaned restrooms, pumped out holding tanks, dumped fish guts and a lot of other less pleasant jobs. He does not complain about his duties if fact he is the opposite and is grateful for the new experiences and the opportunity to be able to live the life of a fulltime Rver no matter what the "cost". Not bad for a guy who was once a successful real estate attorney whose favorite past time was golf at the country club.

BINGO was a big bust Monday night. We played but no big wins, or little ones either :-). Rudee has kept me running all week. We are getting ready to go for a 3 night campout with several of the goldwingers. I have everything put away on the outside that I can until it's time to hook on and she has been working on stowing our stuff inside. We will be hooking on and leaving as soon as I get off work Friday so we'll be loading the bike up tonight. We are looking forward to getting together and camping with our friends, we always have such a good time. I'll keep you posted.

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