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Monday, December 19, 2011

and then there's mud

I guess the powers that be got sick of all the mud by the drilling rig because Saturday morning a steady stream of caliche trucks started through the gate. This continued until well into the afternoon with truck after truck coming in, dumping its load and then exiting. We heard a rumor that some big wigs might be coming and they were trying to "clean up" the place.
Unfortunately early Sunday evening the rains started again with a steady drizzle that lasted most of the night so once again we are slogging through the mess.
We get a lot of people stopping at our gate looking for other rigs. Some are not real happy when we are unable to give them directions on where they are supposed to be. I guess they just don't understand that we have little information on what rigs are moving in and out around us. I'm sure they are just frustrated on being lost but give us a break, it's not our fault :-(.
We do our best to keep as up to date with the locations as we can but these companies come and go fairly quickly. The sites here can have several different names for the same place which adds to the confusion. They go by the ranch name, oil company name, drill rig name, or gate name. Some of the truck drivers don't even have this basic information but only vague directions. No wonder they are lost!
The weatherman says it will warm up and clear off today so maybe we will see some sunshine soon! I'll keep you posted.

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