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Thursday, December 1, 2011

December already!

Seems like the older I get the quicker time flies. My Dad, rest his soul, warned me about that a long time ago. Guess he was smarter than I gave him credit for in my younger days :-)
I'm sure my kids are in tune to how wise I am as I approach my senior years (sarcasm intended) LOL.
Rudee and I were talking about the holidays yesterday. Neither of us have gotten in the "holiday spirit" yet. We don't have a Christmas tree but do have a few smaller decorations and a really pretty hand painted antique manger scene that we display. I guess we will be decorating soon and maybe that help ring in the holidays. Don't get me wrong, we are not depressed, or homesick, it is more of a "tunnel vision" thing. We are concentrating on making money right now and looking forward to our time off between jobs. We will miss celebrating Christmas with all of our family, Christmas Eve at the in-laws has been an annual gathering and has grown into quite a production with several generations represented.
Tomorrow is the annual Christmas party for our Goldwing chapter. This is the first one we have missed in 21 years and will be thinking of all our friends while they gather to celebrate. We are a little sad to miss those times but will not miss the snow and bitter cold that is bound to arrive soon.
We had another fairly busy day at the gate as the cement trucks and pumps began arriving as well as crews to prepare the back pad for the rig. The well casings are still going in and then they will put a large valve assembly on the pipe before lowering and moving the rig. Henry, the company man, brought us a copy of guidelines for facial hair for the rig workers. He wanted us to remind the incoming workers that no long facial hair is allowed and if they have any questions to direct them to him. Mustaches are OK as long as they are shorter, can be bigger than Hitler's but shorter than Fu Man Chu's :-). They do not allow chin hair at all and Elvis sideburns are out too. I know of at least two occasions where workers have been sent to Cotulla for shaving supplies shortly after coming through the gate. He does not want us to be the "hair police" but just show them the guidelines if we see they are not in compliance and he will do the enforcement if needed.
One of the salesman that come to call her at the rig gave us some Boudain which is a Cajun sausage. He told Rudee how to prepare it so she fixed some for me for supper last night. She also made a pot of ham and beans since she wasn't sure if I would like the Boudain. The sausage comes prepackaged with two large sausages per pack. These were pork w/ Jalapeno' spices. They had a kick to them bit were very good! I think we will be looking for some more of these! I hear they make them from shrimp, crawdad and other cuts of meat as well.
Only 3 more days until a day off! Whoo Hoo! We are both looking forward to the time off even if it is only 24 hours. I'll keep you posted.

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