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Friday, December 2, 2011

prepping for a move

A crew and heavy equipment arrived early Thursday morning. Their mission was to bust through the large earthen berm that surrounds the well pad so an access road can be made to move the rig. They worked all morning with a bulldozer and road grader as semi after semi hauled in loads of caliche for the road bed. They finished their project shortly before dark.
Needless to say it was a busy day at the gate with several different companies arriving to perform a variety of jobs. Some were doing things to the casings, others were inspectors and still others were tank cleaners. I don't understand all the process' or what will happen next but with the flurry of activity my guess would be the rig will be coming down soon. Melissa, a salesman for the company we work for, Gate Guard Services, stopped in to meet with the company man. On her way put she told us that the fracking crew should be here next week for this well. I'm not sure what to believe on that, yesterday they said they will not do fracking until the other well is finished but now we get this information. I guess we'll just take it as it comes. One thing will be nice though, once they start fracking the daily pay increases since there will be two active pads on this gate. :-)
Rudee made a run into Cotulla to pick up our mail, pay our bills and restock our pantry. She even made a stop at Wendy's for our weekly fast food fix. :-)
Not much else to report from the gate. We are still hopeful that we can take off Sunday and return Monday for a much needed break. I'll keep you posted.

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