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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

it's like ...... "puddin"

Still getting off and on (mostly "on") drizzle here at the Hinkle Ranch. We are making the best of it and hoping for it will dry up soon.
I have a pair of "traveling" boots that I keep outside and change into when I have to venture away from the our little island surrounded by mud. I put them on yesterday and headed over to the "roach coach" to grab some dinner for Rudee and I. Good thing it wasn't a sunny day since I forgot my hat, would hate for the glare from my bald head to blind someone :-).
The rain water is just sitting on top of the drive way and mixes with the mud and creates a pool of what looks and feels like chocolate pudding :-).
The vehicles driving through put up a "chocolate fountain" and everything is a mess. Nothing we can do about it so we just have to live with it :-).
The areas not packed down are more like quick sand and if you stand still too long it will grab you and you will sink up to your ankles. The stuff is slick too, walk too fast and you might find yourself looking at the sky!
I was catching some sleep yesterday when Rudee put on her boots for a trip to the Dakota to fetch some water. I have the truck tucked away behind the 5th wheel so it is out of the way but there is about 20' of mud to cross to get to it. This was Rudee's first trip off the "island" and it didn't turn out too well. She was afraid of falling so she took her time and chose her steps as best she could. Every step she took more and more mud clung to her boots making her feet heavier and heavier. She stopped about 1/2 way and that's when the "caliche' monster" got her! Her boot sunk in and when she tried to take another step her foot came out of her boot and to keep from falling she had to take another step. Splat, down went her foot minus her boot. She bent down and had to pull and tug to get her boot unstuck and almost fell over pulling on it. The mud finally let go of her boot with a loud sucking sound and she was free! She decided that a gallon of water was not worth all this and turned around slogging back through the mud. I guess it was all pretty funny to see and some of the crew who were getting their meals got a good show. Rudee said she was laughing so hard at herself that she could hardly walk. I'm sorry I missed it :-).
I overheard one of the "white hats" saying they should be done here no later than Wednesday as long as things go as well as they have been. I doubt it will take them long to pack up and move which should be interesting to watch. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. That Caliche dust is like a second skin, stays with you forever. We are on a new pad & rig close to Cuero. The mud has not been bad here. Our last gig was in New Baden, there is sand there, so the mud is not bad. But when it dries up and the wind blows your eyes and mouth will be full of sand. 100% guaranateed. Here is my blog: http://rvtexasgateguard.com drop by sometime. Betty