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Saturday, December 17, 2011

I taught I taw a puddy tat!

Thursday afternoon I made a run into Cotulla for groceries and mail. I first had to to get the truck out of it's mud hole it was parked in. The ground was fairly dry around the truck, meaning I wasn't sinking to my knees :-) but it was still fairly soft so I was a little apprehensive. I had parked the truck there to get it out of the way of the "roach coach" and it was nice and dry then so I really never noticed (or cared) that the rear wheels were in a small hole and I would have to back out uphill. Now that everything was soft and slippery this turned into a big issue. I tried backing out in 2 wheel drive and the wheels started spinning immediately so I switched to 4X4 and still had to do some rocking back and forth. I was able to back it out but not before slinging mud everywhere. My son in law Ryan would have been proud :-).
Have you ever been sitting all alone and just get the feeling someone is watching you? I was sitting at our table the other night surfing on the computer and got this weird feeling I was being watched. I keep the lights down inside so I can see if anyone is turning into our gate as well as to not disturb Rudee while she is sleeping. Movement outside caught my eye and when I looked out there was a cat standing right outside the window next to our patio looking back in at me. What the heck is a cat doing way out here when the closest house is probably 3 miles away? That is when I realized I was not looking at a house cat but rather a bobcat! I grabbed the camera but it would not focus through the window. The bobcat walked under our 5th wheel so I decided to go outside and see of I could catch a photo of it. By the time I got outside and to the other side of the 5th wheel he/she was way out in the field past our utility trailers. No way to get a photo but pretty cool to see!
The fracking crew have all moved on to another job and the next crew has also finished whatever they were doing and they moved out Friday morning. There is a small crew still working and was told they are "regulating the flow" and sometimes this takes up to two weeks. There are also semi tankers hauling the waste water from the pad and they are in and out every couple of hours but it is a lot quieter around our 5th wheel now :-). I do miss the "roach coach" though :-(. Those guys eat well and it's probably a good thing they moved on or I would have had to go on a diet really soon :-)!
Things are starting to get back into a routine and we know most of the people passing through our gate again. The drilling crew are doing there thing at the back of the property and we are expecting them to be done sometime after the first of the year. We are still deciding if we are going to move to another site with the rig or just stay here for the remainder of time we had planned on working. We like our spot here and moving means tearing down and sitting up again with no guarantee the site will be as nice as this one. Decisions, decisions, I'll keep you posted!

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