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Saturday, December 3, 2011

feeding the troops

Yesterday morning the fog rolled in just before dawn. I talked to one of the drivers coming in and he said it wasn't foggy 1 mile up the road and seemed to be just around our little area here, strange.
The fog did burn off after the sun came up so it did not last too long and it wasn't long before the sky clouded over and it looked like it would rain at any minute. The rain held off until late in the afternoon and we had a couple of periods of showers roll through. We got enough rain to hold down the dust that will be stirred up by the heavy trucks we expect to start arriving to move the rig :-).
Rudee decided to do some cooking for the guys working at the rig. She made a huge batch of her homemade Sloppy Joe's along with homemade mac & cheese. She took both big pans back to the company man's trailer around 4:00pm so it would be ready for the guys coming off shift. We have not heard anything from them so hope they enjoyed it.
The rig will be moved on Sunday if all goes according to plan. The set up at the other pad should not take as long since they are not taking the rig apart. When the rig arrived here the first of November it took a couple of days before they raised it to vertical and another couple of days to start drilling. I'm looking forward to the drilling to start again because the gate traffic is a lot more predictable. Right now we have subcontractors coming and going all hours of the day and night doing all sorts of things. Last night the big emergency was a flat tire on the "super sucker", whatever that is. Around midnight the tire guy arrived and after an hour or so got the "super sucker" sucking again :-).
Most of the workers here are content to do their shift and settle down for a meal and then to bed. They do this for a 6 days and on the 7th they leave after their work day for a week off. There is always one or two who do a lot of running in and out and you can pretty much set your watch by them. I don't know if they are going into town to eat or party or ?? bit they can't seem to be away from town too long because they rarely miss a day. One of these folks left yesterday saying he would not be back for at least 2 weeks, sure enough another contractor moved in and he has been wearing us out running in and out :-). I guess it's not all bad though because we quickly learn their names and memorize their license plate numbers :-).
Should have a lot more activity at the rig today as they continue the move. I'll keep you posted.

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