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Friday, December 9, 2011

trucks, trucks and more trucks

We were warned that when the fracking starts the gate gets really busy and so far that has held true. We had several semi loads of equipment delivered to the front pad as well as additional trailers for offices and living space.
This was in addition to the activity on the back pad where they raised the rig back up and are preparing to start drilling again. We have people running in and out like crazy!
I did manage to sneak away to the post office and grocery. Monday was pay day and I wanted to get the check out of the PO Box and into the bank :-). Since we just stocked up on staples on the way back from San Antonio the grocery run was a light one this week. I did have quite a few water jugs to fill up though.
Looks like the weather may be warming up some and I can probably leave the water hooked up tonight. The temperature here dropped down into the 20's the last two nights and without unhooking and draining the hose our water line would have frozen. I have been heating the 5th wheel with our small electric heaters which do a decent job until the temperatures drop into the lower 30's and then they tend to struggle keeping it comfortable so we have to run the propane furnace some to help out.
A reader left a comment regarding that the River Walk in San Antonio was not really a river so I did a little more reading on it's history: http://www.thesanantonioriverwalk.com/history/history-of-the-river-walk/
Interesting reading and, in my opinion, the River Walk is a must see when in the area. We sure did enjoy the time we spent there.
Not a lot of nap time going on overnight :-(.
When I got back to the 5th wheel from my run into town there were 24 semi tank trucks lined up on the road waiting to get into the gate. They are being staged on the side of the road until the crew is ready to unload them at the fracking site. They started waving 8-10 of them in at a time shortly after dark. The unloading is taking about 2 hours per truck and now (1:30 am) they are down to just 3 more waiting to get in.
I'm not sure how long the fracking process takes and what the next process will be but I'll keep you posted :-) !

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  1. Hey Phil! They start fracking on our site tomorrow and last night was the first night of no nap for me too. I'm sure we'll be super busy this weekend!