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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

break is over, back to work

I was able to catch a couple of short naps overnight between "dings" of our alarm bell. I'm already wishing I was back in San Antonio enjoying time off :-). I guess I'm starting to get a case of "hitch itch".
The gate started getting really busy around 6am and by 8am I had already filled the first page, it's gonna be a busy day!
They now have crews at both pads and should be raising the rig at the back pad Wednesday or Thursday. I am expecting them to start drilling maybe as early as this week end and we keep hearing that the fracking crew should be here and start their work Wednesday as well. The crew on the front pad has been working at a fever pitch to prepare for the fracking by spreading truck load after truck load of caliche. There have also moved travel trailers into place to be used as housing as well as some lighting units. Tomorrow looks like it will be another busy day!
The weatherman is warning us of a hard freeze tonight so I disconnected the water hose and turned off the water pump from our large water tank. We will use our on board tank for morning showers. I should be able to hook things back up tomorrow after it warms up again. The temperatures are supposed to drop into the 20's overnight. Brrrrr! I honestly thought South Texas would be warmer :-). I'll keep you posted.

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