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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

pipe dreams

We have several semi truck loads of well pipe being delivered which signals the beginning of the end on drilling the well. We have also found out some more info on our rig here. Looks like this rig is being "released" and will not be moving to a new site according to several sources we have talked to. Rudee talked to one of the company men yesterday and he is being sent to Houston for additional training for a couple of weeks and he will be assigned a new rig when he returns. He said they should be done drilling here by mid-January and then the rig will be dismantled and taken away. I'm not sure where that leaves us but he did take our contact information and said he wants us at his new rig and well site. The problem with that is no one knows when or where this rig will set up. They will still need to frack the new well so we can stay here for the time being which should get us at, or close to, our ending date in February.
Fracking was our least favorite time here. We don't mind being busy but it seemed like the crew was not as friendly as the drilling crew. They seemed pretty put out that we were "bothering" them by writing down their name and license plate number and we quickly tired of their attitude. I'm not sure if the same crew, or even the same company, will frack the back well but who knows.

Yesterday I messed up in a big way :-(. The freightliner had not been started for a few weeks and I decided to fire it up. I opened the hood and checked the oil. I also opened the drain valve for the water/fuel separator and drained some of the fuel from it. This unit has a separate fuel filter and as the fuel passes through any water collects in the bottom of the unit and can be drained by opening the valve. I guess I let too much drain out because after starting the truck it ran for a few minutes then chugged like it lacked fuel and died. Now I can't get it to start again :-0! There is a small plunger type pump on the side of the engine to "hand pump" any air out. I pumped it some but still it would not start. I decided I would go ahead and change out the fuel filters and by filling them full of fresh fuel before installing them the truck should start once again with minimal pumping. At least that is the theory. I already had the filters on hand but it was getting late and dark so I decided to just wait until tomorrow afternoon to see if I can get the truck running again.
I guess if my fix doesn't work we will need to get the truck towed into a shop. That doesn't sound cheap :-0. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. There are mobile truck services around that should cost less then towing does. Or if your on real good terms with the company man you might just drop a hint of your problem and he might just say he'll fix you up. Both worth a try.

    It's about time.