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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Busy week

We have had a really busy week. Monday morning I logged onto my computer and had 7 new assignments spread out all over Central and Northern Indiana. I can do anywhere from 3-5 assignments per day depending on how far I have drive. Scheduling the appointments becomes a challenge when you get several at once. I was lucky and made contact with most of the people and set up my routes to be as productive as possible. Needless to say I have been running hard all week staying on top of my work load. Yesterday the assignments slowed some and since I'm going to be gone all next week they have cut me off from getting new ones as of 5:00 today. I still have to go to Fort Wayne tomorrow :-( though.

Monday evening we met Steve and Trish in Lebanon for BINGO. I guess it was "girls" night because both of our ladies "bingo'd" twice! Thanks to them we left with a few more $$ than we came in with :-)

Tuesday Rudee and our daughter Amanda went shopping. One of Rudee's (and Amanda's) co-workers is getting married this Saturday. We are all going to the wedding and they needed clothes to wear. Rudee has not had a real need for nicer clothes since she is working here at home and she hasn't been clothes shopping for anything but jeans since her weight loss. I guess she is overdue for something nice :-). They came back and she was not happy. She couldn't find anything :-(. This is not good. It means I'm going to have to take her shopping ........ oh no.

Wednesday evening was our scheduled meeting for our Goldwing group in Lebanon. Rudee decided we would leave early and hit the stores. Luckily she found her an outfit and shoes so all is well.

I was able to finish my work a little early today and decided to repair our toilet. The toilet was not holding water like it is supposed to do after you flush. RV toilets work a little different than house toilets. There is a "flapper", for lack of a better term, and a foot pedal. You step on the foot pedal and this open the flapper and "down she goes". Let off the pedal and the flapper closes and about a cup or two of water should remain in the bottom of the bowl. Lately ours would not hold this water, it leaked down past the flapper into the holding tank. I called the manufacturer Sealand which is owned by Dometic and they sent me new replacement gaskets free. I followed the directions and took the toilet bowl off the base and took out the old gasket and replaced them with the new and improved gaskets. The whole thing took me about 20 minutes and had me pretty worried, it went too easy :-). I expected a huge water leak (or even worse leak) but it all went back together easily and worked like a new commode again. Sweet! and I didn't break anything and there was no bleeding or swearing involved!

Rudee has been busy sprucing up the place, getting ready for vacation. We have 1 more day at work (of course I have to drive to Fort Wayne again!) and then Saturday we are doing the wedding thing. Sunday we'll hook on and head north to Goshen Indiana for the Montana Owners Rally. I'll keep you posted.

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