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Sunday, September 6, 2009

holiday week end

Bean Blossom Indiana and the Bill Monroe Bluegrass Campground was our destination for the long week end. We were able to get hooked on, packed up and pulled out of the KOA by 4pm Friday. I didn't want to drive through or around Indianapolis during rush hour so I pointed south on SR 231 and we were off.

The trip to the campground was on all 2 lane roads but we made good time. We arrived at the campground at 6pm and Niles and Deb Robinson pulled in right behind us. The campground has more of a fairgrounds type of feel to it. The sites do have water and electric but no sewer hook ups. We were led to our sites by one of the work campers when we ran into a problem. The sites are very close together, as in way too close together!! Luck was with us though and the work camper called back to the office and they said we had the whole back row of sites to ourselves and could spread out as much as we wanted. I moved the rig down a few sites and we all had plenty of room.

Saturday morning I woke up at 5:30 and just could not get back to sleep. There was no noise at all to bother your sleeping so I don't know what happened but I did have plenty of time to enjoy my coffee :-). Breakfast was a pitch in affair and was very good. We all loaded up on the bikes and headed into Nashville Indiana to visit the shoppes. The whole business district comprises of arts and crafts shoppes, candy stores, knick knack shoppes and some restaurants. Rudee picked up some socks for the grand daughters and other than that we just looked around and enjoyed the stroll.

We took a short ride and went to the Farmhouse Cafe and Herb Shoppe for a quick lunch. Unfortunately quick was not in the restaurants vocabulary. We all had cold sandwiches or salads and Rudee and I shared a fruit plate and it still took an hour for our food to arrive. The meal was good, just slow.

Back at the campers we all vegged out. Lynda Mockler (Tim Ranney's main squeeze) grilled up some hot, hot, hot wings and Rudee made up a batch of homemade seafood chowder and that was supper. UMMMMMM Good. We enjoyed a campfire and the park had a nice fireworks display after the sun went down.

The weatherman says it may rain tomorrow (Sunday) but we are hoping to get in a ride or two. Keep you fingers crossed. I'll keep you posted.

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