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Friday, September 25, 2009

Rally day 3 and 4

We were back at it again at 4am. Not sure how long I can take this early morning, late night stuff.
The seminars kick off at 9am so we have plenty of time to socialize and drink coffee. Pull Rite Hitches put on a nice talk and demonstration of their hitches. We have a Reese Hitch on our truck but it was nice to see other products that are available.

We skipped the next seminars and went back to the 5er to get it ready to take over to have our new air ride hitch pin installed. I had the outside work done pretty quickly and Rudee got the inside ready. We hooked on and she followed me the 2 miles over to Trail Air. They were ready for us and had me pull into their shop and unhook. We had purchased a "wet bolt" kit for our suspension here at the rally and we were having them install them as well. Dale told us it would take a 2-3 hours and they would be done. Here is the finished product.

We decided to go to the Shipshewana Flea Market and see what kind of deals we could find. The flea Market is only open Tuesday and Wednesday and has your typical flea market stuff. We walked thru most of the vendors which took about 2 1/2 hours. We did pick up a few items for Christmas gifts but otherwise just browsed.

We made it back to Trailair and the 5th wheel was done. Rudee wrote the check while I hooked on and we headed the 1/2 mile to "Camp Keystone". Well I missed my turn and had to do a little "off road" towing to get turned around but we made it OK. Sheesh only 1/2 mile and I got lost.

Keystone has 4 sites behind their service repair facility that are free for their customers to use. We set up in one and went inside to let them know we had arrived. They told us they would be out at 7:00am to bring the 5th wheel into their bay.

We went back to the fairgrounds in the Dakota in time to line up for the car pool to Tiara RV who were having a hog roast for us. Fred and Roberta who are from Buffalo New York rode with us. We had a nice meal and even eyeballed some of the units for sale. No, we didn't trade and are very happy with our current rig. We dropped Fred and Roberta off at their rig and headed back to the factory and settled in for the night.

Thursday 9/24/09

No trains to wake me up!! Too bad the factories all fire up at 4:30 :-(. The workers started arriving around 4:00 and with all the road noise and factory noise we were both awake ... again!!

Darrell arrived at the 5th wheel shortly after 7:00am and went over our issues and they came out with a fork lift and pulled our home away. We headed out for breakfast and then to the fairgrounds.

I figured the repairs would only take until noon or less. Well when we didn't get a call from Darrell by lunch time we headed over to check on it. We drove into the service area and they camp sites were empty so we drove by the bays. I mentioned to Rudee that we were lucky our repairs were simple ones because we saw one unit that had the front cap taken off and part of the roof peeled back. I suddenly recognized that it was ours!! Yowzer, what happened??!!
We found Darrell and he explained they had found that the bedroom wall had separated on the passenger side of the 5th wheel. The technician had found it when he noticed that a molding had an abnormal gap and they got busy repairing it. This would have been a major structural problem that I didn't even realize I had. Thanks Keystone for looking out for us!!

Darrell explained that they would finish the wall repair today but would have to do the rest of the repairs tomorrow so we would spend another night in the parking lot.

They pulled the 5th wheel back into "Camp Keystone" around 3:30 and I got us set back up for the night. We talked about going back to the fairgrounds and hanging out but I was pretty wiped out and decided to take a nap. Rudee let me sleep for an hour or so and we went out for supper at a nice restaurant in a restored historical house. The service was slow but the food was good. We made it back to the 5th wheel in time to watch Survivor and the season premier of Greys Anatomy before calling it a night.

Darrell will be back at 7:00 am and hopefully we will have our home back. I'll keep you posted.

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