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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Homeless no more

Yesterday (Thursday) we decided we needed some help sleeping. Friends of ours have these small machines that play "white" noise that they use in their bedrooms. Rudee wanted to check them out so we made a stop at Wal Mart. We found one that plays 6 different sounds, has a volume control and a timer to shut it off. We set it up and checked out the sounds. We decided to try the "summer rain" noise. I have to say it did seem to help. I slept until 6:00 am this morning and probably could have gone longer but we needed to be out by 7:00 so Keystone could take our home and finish their work.

We headed to a small Cafe we spotted for breakfast and shared a nice plate of biscuits and gravy with hash browns. The food was good and we both noticed how very clean everything was.

Back at the fairgrounds we sat thru seminars given by Tireco regarding our tires and another on traveling in Alaska. We got good information from both. We would like to make a trip to Alaska some day but not sure if we'll have the $$ for several years.

We went back to the Cafe for lunch since we enjoyed their breakfast so much. They didn't disappoint us either. We had a quick lunch and headed for Keystone to check on our home. Darrell met us at the door and said "you guys must have ESP, I was on my way into the office to call you, your trailer is all done". He led us back into the bay and went over all the things they did. We had originally brought it in to get the furnace repaired and not only did they do that but they also found the structure damage and repaired that. Replaced all the exterior compartment latches with new ones, checked the electrical system for shorts and the gas system for leaks and fixed the black tank spray system. All of this was done for free on a unit that was no longer under warranty! We were very happy with their service and told them so.

I hooked on and Rudee followed me back to the fairgrounds and got parked and wet up on our site again. Whew, it sure is nice to have our home back!

We made it back in time to attend the seminar for fulltiming. Most of the information was stuff we already knew but it was fun hearing and sharing each others experiences.

The fairgrounds is hosting the Mennonite Relief Sale on Saturday morning. They have several tents set up and this evening they have lots of food available and you can preview the goods to be sold/auctioned. Rudee and I walked around and checked it all out. We had to take our umbrella due to the drizzle but it was still fun. We bought a BBQ Chicken 1/2 and a pork chop and took it back to our rig for dinner. Rudee heated up some of the fresh corn we got from Amanda and Ryan's garden. She also made a nice cauliflower salad and I had some cucumbers and onions that her sister BJ had given us. It was all really good!

Tomorrow we have a tour of the Montana factory. Our tour is at 9:00am and we are both looking forward to that. I guess they have a new "experimental" floor plan they are unveiling to us for our feed back. Should be interesting. I'll keep you posted.

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