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Sunday, September 20, 2009

we're off to "Montana"

Saturday morning we drove to Amanda and Ryan's and picked them up. We were all traveling to Brooksville Indiana. Matt Merchant works with Rudee and used to work at a body shop that I frequented often. He moved to Lebanon last year with his fiance' Valerie. We have had dinner with them a couple of times as have Amanda and Ryan. They are a nice young couple and we were happy they invited us to share in their big day. Brooksville is in southwestern Indiana not far from Cincinnati Ohio. The ceremony was very nice. Amanda and Ryan had never been to a Catholic wedding before and it was a little different than what they were used to. I was raised in a Baptist church and am more used to the preacher doing all the talking, and sometimes a little yelling, during the services. Catholic churches take a more interactive role from what I can tell. They actually want you to do a little talking back :-). Here is a picture of the happy couple at the reception.

We stopped at the Indiana Live Casino on the way back home. The place was packed which is typical for a Saturday night. I managed to come out on top this time. I walked out with exactly $2.05 more than I walked in with. Of course if you count the $2.00 tip to the valet. I won a total of .05 cents :-) Oh well a win is a win. Amanda fared the best, she won $64 and was a happy camper. We made it home shortly after 10:00 and headed to bed.

Sunday was a travel day for us. We were heading to the Montana Owners Club (MOC) North American Fall Rally in Goshen Indiana. We joined the club shortly after purchasing our 5th wheel and this is our first rally. I do participate some on their internet forum and have "met" some of the members there. I look forward to actually meeting them in person now. We decided to bring along the Dakota on this trip so Rudee played "tail gunner" on the trip north. We arrived around 2:00 pm and were directed to our spot here in the Elkhart County Fairgrounds. There were several here already and I couldn't pass up a photo of all the Montana's.

We got set up fairly quickly and walked around and met some of the folks. When I introduce myself I tell them that We're the ones with the big truck, that usually breaks the ice :-). The rally actually starts tomorrow evening and they have a full schedule the rest of the week. Rudee and I are looking forward to it. I'll keep you posted.

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