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Thursday, September 10, 2009

new camera

Rudee bought me a new camera for my birthday. I have no idea how she knew what to get me?? Maybe it was the ad that I gave to her for the model I wanted and where to buy it :-) I guess I wasn't as subtle as I wanted to be but I did get a new camera! It is a Nikon P80 w/ 18x zoom. The reviews are mostly positive with only the die hard shutterbugs giving it lower marks for some features they like that it does not have. For me and my limited ability it should be a great camera.
So now I am going on the record here and pledging to post more (and hopefully better) photos. I'll start out with these of the grandkids taken in New Ross when we went to dinner with them.

Olivia looks like she is preaching a sermon :-).

Work has picked up slightly since I am doing the Fort Wayne territory again. My month was supposed to be October but my boss asked me to switch to September instead. No problem, I have a weeks vacation scheduled for the last of the month so that's one less week to have to make that 5 hour round trip.

Wednesday night we rode the bike on our scheduled dinner ride with the Goldwing group. The weather was perfect for riding and we enjoyed a trip to Mulberry Indiana to Robert's Southfork Grille. The food was good and we had a large group attend. On the way home we stopped for ice cream at Culvers for a late dessert. We made it back to the 5th wheel around 11:00pm, whew, I'm getting too old for these late nights :-). Here is some of our group getting ready to head to the restaurant.

We have so far been pleased with our Netflix subscription. The last 2 times we have returned movies the replacement movies have arrived the following day. We were renting movies from the "red box" at Mc Donalds and Wal Mart but were having a lot of problems with the movies skipping and stopping. The last one we had we couldn't watch because it kept pausing. No problems so far with Netflix. We plan on just hanging around the 5er tonight and maybe watching the new movie. I'll keep you posted.

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