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Monday, September 21, 2009

MOC Rally day 1

I would like to say we woke up this morning to the gentle sound of birds chirping but the actual truth is we were jolted awake by the sound of a very loud train horn! Yep the 6:05 to Bugtussell was running right on time when it passed by the Elkhart County Fairgrounds! :-)
Rudee decided this was not her day to cook breakfast so we showered and hit the road in search of food. We would have liked to take the bike but there were some showers around and it looked like it would start pouring any minute. We settled on Bob Evans and had a nice breakfast.

Next stop was Bontragger's RV Surplus in nearby White Pigeon Michigan. This place has pretty much everything that the RV owner could ever want or need. The only trick is to find it. They have 3 large buildings that are full of RV parts and pieces. We were looking for a bathroom sink to replace ours which got a crack in the bowl when my aftershave fell from the medicine cabinet. They had sinks that would work but they were all pretty scraped up and we decided to keep on looking. We spent about an hour just looking around but no big purchases. Heading into Elkhart I remembered that our buddy Nick Russell does a lot of shopping at RV Surplus and Supply on Bristol St. so we decided to check them out. Their building is huge and much better organized. We came up empty on sinks though. We did find a new kitchen faucet though. Ours has developed a small leak around the lever so I'll replace it with this one. Doesn't look too hard, only one or maybe 2 trips to the emergency room :-). Rudee found a dining room table that she liked better than the one we have now. The top on the one they have opens up to reveal a storage area. I can put all my work stuff (laptop, camera, DVD drive, chargers etc.) inside after I finish for the day and my "office" wont be so cluttered looking. I think we are going to go back either Friday or Saturday and buy it.

Back at the 5er we heated up some of Rudee's home made vegetable soup. We had a nice lunch at the picnic table at our site. There was nothing official going on for the rally so I got our bicycles unloaded and we took a nice ride around the fairgrounds. This facility is really impressive. You can tell they take a lot of pride in it and it shows. We visited with Bob and Brenda Wilson who are from Greenwood Indiana. We had met them once before at the Indiana RV Show and enjoyed catching up. He told me that Trailair who makes air ride pin boxes was located here in Goshen almost next door to the Montana Factory. I had mentioned I was looking to upgrade our pinbox and he told me I would need to talk to Dale at their factory.

Rudee still wasn't in a cooking mood so we went to a mexican restaurant for a quick dinner which was so-so. Hard to beat Little Mexico back home in C-ville. We took a little ride before going back to the fairgrounds and ended up finding the Keystone factory so we decided to look for Trailair as well. We found them and their bay door was open so we rode into the parking lot. There was a 5th wheel in the bay a a gentleman waved at us so we stopped. The guy came out and said his name was Dale. Cool. We talked about a new pinbox and now have an appointment for Wed. afternoon to have it installed. We have an appointment at the Keystone Service Center on Thursday morning bright and early. They have 4 full hook up sites in their parking lot so we were planning on spending the night over there Wed night so we'll just stop at Trailair on our way.

The first event for the rally was the Meet and Greet in the big tent. We made it back just in time to head over. The rally organizers went over all the events for tomorrow and a few of the ground rules and then introduced everyone. They even gave away some door prizes, no luck for us tonight. I did get a picture of blog reader Carol taking a picture of me. Smile Carol!!

The rally gets into full swing tomorrow and we are all going to an Amish home for dinner tomorrow night. We are both really looking forward to that. I'll keep you posted.

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