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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary to me!

I mentioned that yesterday was a big day for me. It was exactly 1 year ago that I had my bariatric surgery. When I walked in the doors of the clinic the first time I weighed a whopping 396lbs (yikes!!) and as of yesterday morning I'm at 213lbs. I have lost a whole person! People often ask me how it feels, well it feels WONDERFUL !! There have been a few ups and downs but nothing bad. I have over eaten a time or two and paid the price for it, I have also had some issues trying different foods but this stuff goes away pretty quickly. My diet is pretty unrestricted now. I do watch how much sugar I eat. They explained that since my plumbing has been redone sugar absorbs into my body differently than before and too much can have some bad effects. I have an occasional sweet treet (in limited quantities) though. I don't drink soft drinks at all. The carbonation in them swells inside your body and would stretch out my little tummy and I would start to gain again, so no Cokes for me. Here is what I looked like before the surgery.

and here is what I look like now. Handsome dude huh??!!

Work has been a zoo this week. We had a large hail storm hit Tuesday evening and I have been swamped ever since. Thankfully the storm was concentrated in a small area or it could have been much worse. My boss is talking about us having to work on Saturday. She will make the final decision sometime tomorrow. I have been getting 7-9 new assignments per day all week and so far have been keeping up and am hopeful that after tomorrow the worst will be over but we'll see.
The campground has been busy as the summer travel season starts. Most of the schools around here on on summer break now and we are starting to see some families passing thru. I like to keep an eye on the different rigs that stop in here. motorhomes outnumbered 5th wheels probably 4-1 for the past few months but now it is the opposite. I haven't figured that one out yet, interesting though.
The weather is supposed to be nice this week end and since I may have to work we haven't made any plans. Would be nice not to have to work and have a lazy week end! Hey a guy can dream can't he. Well whether I work or get to play this week end I'll keep you posted.

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  1. I found your blog this morning and have read it all and I want to say CONGRATULATIONS! You and your wife look fantastic! I am happy for you both.

    Your stories are great. I can't wait until Pooldad and I get to experience it too.

    Thanks for sharing. :)