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Monday, June 15, 2009

plans change

Saturday morning we were out the door and on the bike early and heading out for a ride. We headed north towards Lafayette and stopped in a small restaurant with "local flavor". We shared some biscuits and gravy that was very tasty.

Back on the bike we headed to Montecello Indiana home of Indiana Beach Amusement Park. The park sits on the banks of Lake Schaffer and has been in operation for as long as I have been on this earth. They have roller coasters, water rides, a haunted house, ski lift ride and just about every other kind of ride you could expect at any amusement park. They also have a large beach on the lake with swimming and a "lazy river" that you float along in an inner tube. The entrance to the park is free but you have to buy an arm band to ride any of the rides. We just wanted to walk around and see all the people having fun rather than lose our breakfast trying the rides out :-).

There is one area on the boardwalk where the fish congregate next to the pier. They are all extremely large carp. Rudee has always bought some popcorn and fed it to the fish and today was no exception. They sell a "feed the fish" bag for $1.00 and she enjoyed watching the feeding frenzy, glad they were not sharks!! Here is a picture of them enjoying their "meal".

We got a call from Linda that her daughter Stephanie was racing in Peru Indiana and wanted us to meet her and Tim at the track. I'm always up for racing so we accepted. The sky was getting cloudy and since it would be a late night we headed back to Crawfordsville to exchange the bike for the car and were off again.

We got to Peru at dinner time so checked the GPS for a restaurant. The first one we found was a pizza place so we passed on that. The next one listed was The Siding and looked nice from the outside. We decided to give it a try. The place is really cool, it's a building built around 2 train dining cars. You can eat in either of the train cars or in a table in the other part of the building, very unique! They had a buffet that included prime rib for $16.95 per person. We opted to order off the menu and got a smaller portion of prime rib (8 oz) and it was delicious. We both had more than we wanted to eat and still brought some home for another meal. One of the train cars has seating for 10 so we may try and get a small group to ride up on the bikes someday.

We made it to the track just as they were starting hot laps. Stephanie was running good but had some bad luck on her qualifying race and had to start near the back in the feature. She was fast and is quite the driver. She carefully worked her way thru the field and finished a respectable 4th after starting 17th! I think she could have won the thing if she had a few more laps to reel in the leader. We made it back home around midnight and were quickly in bed sawing logs!

Sunday we went to Rudee's Mom and Dad's house. We had made plans to take them to dinner and to take a tour of the new airport for Father's Day. My father in law, Bill, retired from TWA after 30 years as a gate agent. He saw a lot of changes in his career and was wanting to see the new airport terminal that opened earlier this year. We picked them up and took them to lunch and then made it to the airport a little after 1pm. We got wheelchairs for both of them since it would be too much for them to have to walk the entire terminal. We all enjoyed the tour and Bill told us some of the "back in day" stories that were very interesting. The new terminal is a lot larger area than the old one. They did a good job giving it an open feeling but still keeping it secure.

We took her parents back to their house and headed for Lebanon to meet up with some of our Goldwing friends at Arni's for dinner. Niles and Deb had been in Goshen all week attending the Heartland RV Owners Rally. They told us how much fun they had and were impressed with the support given to them by the manufacturer. We had them pick us up a piece of stained glass we can use for our entry door. I will be installing it soon and will get some photos posted of it. I'll keep you posted.

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