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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Just some random thoughts

Things leveled off at work some. I only had a couple of new assignments yesterday. I worked thru lunch the last 3 days so I could stay on top of my workload and it seemed to work. I drove about 200 miles yesterday and wrote 7 estimates on damaged cars. The hail storm was bad but did not cover a large area, probably only 5-10 square miles. The last one we had here covered the whole city and we were swamped for weeks so this one is small in comparison.

We like living in "our" campground. We don't meet as many of the people passing thru as I would like, some of their stories could be interesting. We have gotten to know our neighbors next to us some though. They have been here since the middle of April and are from Tucson Az. but grew up here in Indiana. They come every spring to help his brother on the farm for planting season. They have been RV'ers for several years and have had many travels in their class B motorhome. I would describe them both as "healthy" as they both exercise regularly including long distance bicycle riding and they both are very careful eaters. I enjoy talking to them and they have been good neighbors but they are moving on this week end heading back home. They are spending the summer in Arizona and this fall they are being deployed to the South Pacific. They have joined the Peace Corps!! What an experience that will be. She told us that they want to have one more adventure before they get too old. They are going to his 50th high school reunion today and are pulling out tomorrow to head home. We wish them luck and safe travels.

They are putting in a natural gas pipeline from Colorado to the east coast and it runs thru Indiana not far from here. There were several workers staying here (and all the other open campgrounds) all last winter. They moved out about 2 months ago and now another crew has arrived to do the finish work. I talked to one couple the other day who have moved onto the site behind us. They were at another campground and were asked to leave because they have a pit bull dog. The dog seems well behaved and has not barked or growled at all. They have a little boy who is probably 6 or 7 and he and the dog play a lot. I know that pit bulls have gotten a bad reputation and I know not all pit bulls are aggressive but I'm still nervous around these type of dogs. I will keep an eye on the grand kids when they are here for sure! I guess I don't get it? Why does someone have a dog like that in a camper anyway? I'm not trying to be judgemental but campers are small places and theirs is a lot smaller then ours and they have 3 people and a large dog? Plus the fact that so many campgrounds wouldn't let you in with that type of dog would be enough persuade me not to have one.
I was up early again this morning even though I was looking forward to sleeping in a little. I have tried to be very quiet so Rudee can sleep but she is up and in the shower now. I enjoy a little quiet time in the morning as well. Just a little while to drink some coffee and do a little writing in the blog.
We made anew purchase the other day that we really like. We bought a water filter/pitcher combo. This is one of those deals that you put tap water into the top of the pitcher and it runs thru a filter and you have "spring like water" in the bottom of the pitcher. Rudee really likes it. I have to say that it does beat having those gallon jugs of drinking water from the store. Niles and Deb recommended it to us and we are glad they did, it's a keeper!
We have nothing planned today. We may take the bike and head out for breakfast and then just keep on riding. I guess we'll decide where to go and what to do as we we go along. I'll keep you posted.

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