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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

new view to the world

No we haven't moved to a new campground. I installed the new stained glass window in our door. The old window was made from frosted glass and you could not see thru it at all. We wanted something that we could at least see who was knocking at our door. I have seen these stained glass inserts and we really liked them. They can be purchased across the border in Mexico at most of the border/tourist towns. The big problem was we are a long way from the border and have no plans to visit anytime soon. Niles and Deb called us last week and told us about a vendor at the Heartland RV rally who was selling them. They emailed us a photo of one they thought we would like and we gave them the go ahead to make the purchase. I'm sure we could have gotten a better deal in Mexico but when you figure in the cost of the trip down I feel a lot better at the $100 we paid for it.

The window on the door of the camper is sandwiched between 2 plastic frames. The frames are then screwed together with about 16 screws. Taking it out was a simple procedure of just removing the screws and pulling the back frame off. I then put a bead of clear silicone around the other frame where the glass edge and frame meet. Rudee had to help me align the new glass piece and hold it in place while I fitted the frame back on and got a few of the screws tightened. I cleaned the extra silicone off the glass with a little WD-40 and then cleaned it again with glass cleaner. We are really happy with the look of it. Here is a before and after photo. What do you think?

After doing the glass replacement I got a fire going in the pit and roasted us each a hot dog for dinner and Rudee cooked up some baked beans and mac & cheese. We sat outside for a while enjoying the fire. We finally went in around 8pm and watched a movie I rented from the red box at Mc Donalds. The movie was OK, name of it was "Remembering Sarah Marshall". I got it for Rudee thinking it was going to another "chick flick" but I ended up enjoying too.

We are going to meet Tim, Linda, Niles and Deb at a Mexican restaurant in Westfield tonight. Niles goes back to the doctor today for a check up. He fell last winter and really tore up his shoulder. He had surgery this spring and has been off work and more importantly, off the bike since then. He finds out today if he can go back to normal activity. We sure hope he can, we miss riding with them and it feels strange not being able to include them in our riding plans. I'll keep you posted.

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