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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Mother

Today is my Mom's 78th birthday. I called her this morning and we talked for a little while. She has either dementia or the beginning of Alzheimer's depending on which of her doctors to believe. She has been having some issues with her memory for the past couple of years that has gotten progressively worse. This morning she was in good spirits and they were getting ready to go out for lunch with some friends to celebrate. Today is also their 60th wedding anniversary. Yep they got married on her 18th birthday. I guess my Grandmother said she had to be 18 to get married. I wonder if my Grandmother would have been so strict making them wait if she could have known they would still be together after 60 years :-).

We were able to take a nice ride with our Goldwing friends this evening. There were some storms in the area but we missed them and stayed dry. We rode the small town of Clarks Hill In. where we had dinner at the Clarks Hill Steak and Fish . We had a large group and even though we had a reservation for 30 made a couple of weeks ago they still were surprised we actually showed up with that many. I guess they expected some cancellations. The one waitress on duty got a work out and the food was slow coming but was tasty once it got to us.

We have 1 more day to work and then we start our vacation. We may try and leave tomorrow after work and ride a few miles. The weather is calling for storms tomorrow so that will be the determining factor. Friday is supposed to be a nicer day but still pretty warm. I'll keep you posted.

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